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Theatre Studies A Level at South Bromsgrove High

Course description

Module 1 Title
Exploration of Drama and Theatre

Internally assessed exploration of two texts in a practical and active way. Your exploration will be influenced by the work of recognised Theatre Practitioners. You will produce a set of detailed exploration notes to accompany practical work based on your research and responses. You will also experience a live performance and submit an evaluation.

Module 2 Title
Theatre Text in Performance

Externally assessed practical performance of a published play. You will work in a group of between three and nine students to produce an abridged performance, offering a performance or design skill.
You will also produce either a monologue or duologue for presentation. You will also be required to present a concept or interpretation for your chosen pieces.
This will be assessed by an external examiner under exam conditions.

Module 3 Title
Exploration of Dramatic Performance

Internally assessed creation of an original piece of theatre based on materials explored through lessons. You will be assessed upon your dramatic process as well as the final performance in front of an identified audience. You will produce an evaluation of your process and final performance and will need to offer written evidence of the process you went through in the creation of your work.

Module 4 Title
Theatre Text in Context

Externally assessed written exam – 2 ½ hours consisting of three sections:
A & B: Response to a set play studied and explored from the point of view of a director during the course. This will be from an academic and practical viewpoint.
C: Response to a set period of dramatic history, as part of this task you will be required to experience and evaluate a live stage production and compare it with its original staging conditions.

Entry requirements

Students will be considered on merit and GCSE English Language result.

Future opportunities

Beyond a career in the theatre, past students have subsequently trained in a broad range of disciplines including, accountancy, business and management and teaching. Transferable skills including communication, evaluation and presentation, offering a strong basis for future achievement, as well as building confidence.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact South Bromsgrove High directly.

Last updated date: 23 June 2015

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