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Geography A Level *FEES PAYABLE* at Eastbourne College

Course description

Geography is all about the world in which we live. It is the study of everything ‘out there’ – from the science that shapes our landscapes, to the varied cultures that inhabit our continents. It is about people and how they interact with different environments. Within the course you will develop knowledge and understanding of the major processes that shape our world.

The AS course aims to highlight topical geographical issues and much of the focus is on the sustainable management of certain environments. This is shown by the title of the two AS units: Managing Physical Environments and Managing Change in Human Environments. The Fluvial System, Cold Environments, Coasts and Hot and Semi-Arid Environments will be studied under the Physical unit, whilst Urban Change, Rural Change, The Energy Issue, and the Growth of Tourism will make up the Human component.

The A2 course includes units on Global Issues and Geographical Skills which build on the AS content but the focus broadens to a global scale with a greater appreciation of the links between the Physical and Human environments. The unit Global Issues will focus on three of the following six topics: Earth Hazards; Ecosystems and Environments Under Threat; Climatic Hazards; Population and Resources; Globalisation; Development and Inequalities. Geographical Skills will complete this course and will be based on fieldwork experiences undertaken during the two-year course. Fieldwork opportunities are offered, locally, nationally and internationally, and are strongly recommended. National and international trips are priced individually.

Course content

Geography encourages a greater awareness of the world around you and recognition of people’s role within it. It provides a broad base: the AS course provides a good basis from which to pursue a range of subjects at university. You will also have the opportunity to practise and develop key communication, analysis and ICT skills. It is one of those subjects that employers look favourably on due to its breadth and the variety of skills learnt. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it is both relevant and a useful preparation for a variety of jobs in business and beyond.


There will be two AS modules in the summer with two short answer responses worth 25 marks each and a 25 mark essay. The Global Issues A2 module will be 2½ hours consisting of three 10 mark questions based on resources provided, and two 25 mark essays. The Geographical Skills A2 module will consist of a 1½ hour paper whereby the candidate answers one of three structured data response questions based upon stimulus material (OS maps, photographs, satellite images etc) and completes two extended pieces of writing based on experiences from geographical research.

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How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eastbourne College directly.

Last updated date: 16 June 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years