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Mathematics/Further Mathematics A Level at Riddlesdown Collegiate

Course description

Mathematical skills foster clarity of thought, powers of analysis and evaluation, as well as reasoned judgement and the ability to provide solutions to problems in a structured and logical way.

This is a challenging course which requires a high level of commitment from all who study it, regardless of ability.

Those who are especially gifted in mathematics may wish to seek a further challenge by enrolling on the Further Mathematics A-Level course.

Course content

Students will study two main elements:

Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The core modules cover Algebraic processing skills, Functions, Sequences and Series, Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. The applied module consists of two main areas of expertise: Mechanics and Statistics. Mechanics considers topics such as Forces and Dynamics, Kinematics, Equations of Motion and Moments. Statistics examines areas such as Probability, Graphical Representation of Data Sampling Methods and Hypothesis Testing.

The content as outlined below for both Mathematics and Further Mathematics is yet to be confirmed and is subject to change

Mathematics Pure 1 will be studied in Year 12 and Pure 2 will be studied in Year 13, with elements of both Statistics and Mechanics covered alongside each of these modules

Further Mathematics Further Pure 1 will be studied in Year 12 and Further Pure 2 will be studied in Year 13. Alongside these modules, two further modules in applied mathematics will also be taken, compromising of Statistics, Mechanics or Decisions. Decision mathematics deals with application of algorithms in order to solve problems.

Entry requirements

Specific Requirements & Skills Required:

GCSE Mathematics (7) 

A high level of algebraic ability and excellent mental arithmetic 

Good problem solving skills is essential 

A determination to master complex concepts 

A commitment to extensive independent study 

A grade 7 at GCSE

Future opportunities

Mathematics courses are offered at all universities and there are a range of different courses available. Mathematics is probably the single most useful A Level qualification and is highly respected by establishments. It is acceptable for degree courses in the Social Sciences, the Arts and Humanities as well as for Science -based courses. The versatility and applicability of the skills and knowledge which Mathematics provides ensures that there is a constantly high demand from employers for people who have studied the subject.

Mathematics lies at the heart of a wide range of disciplines, especially in the Sciences. The subject plays an important role in other disciplines too, in areas such as ICT, Business, Geography and Social Sciences.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Riddlesdown Collegiate directly.

Last updated date: 19 December 2017
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