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Further Mathematics A Level at Wymondham College

Course description

The Further Mathematics course is for those with a real passion for the subject.

The course leads to two A-levels – one in Mathematics and one in Further Mathematics.

Students are taught in separate sets from those taking the single A-level and Further Mathematics takes up two timetable blocks. Students cover the A-level course during the first year and then progress to the more challenging Further Mathematics modules during the second year.

For those wishing to apply to either Oxford or Cambridge University we offer timetabled STEP lessons in order to facilitate success in these exams.

Course content

AS Level

In Year 12 students cover the six units for A-Level Mathematics.

In Year 13 students complete an additional six units;

The six units must include at least two units from MFP1, MFP2, MFP3 and MFP4. At least three of the six units counted towards A-level Further Mathematics must be at A-Level standard.


  • UNIT MFP1 (AS LEVEL) - FURTHER PURE 1 Algebra and Graphs, Complex Numbers, Roots and Coefficients of a quadratic equation, Series, Calculus, Numerical Methods, Trigonometry, Matrices and Transformations.
  • UNIT MFP2 (A- LEVEL) - FURTHER PURE 2 Roots of Polynomials, Complex Numbers, De Moivre’s Theorem, Proof by Induction, Finite Series, The Calculus of Inverse Trigonometrical Functions, Hyperbolic Functions, Arc length and Area of surface of revolution about the x-axis.

A Level

  • UNIT MFP3 (A- LEVEL) - FURTHER PURE 3 Series and Limits, Polar Coordinates, Differential Equations, Differential Equations – First Order, Differential Equations – Second Order.
  • UNIT MFP4 (A- LEVEL) - FURTHER PURE 4 Vectors and 3-D Coordinate Geometry, Matrix Algebra, Solution of Linear Equations, Determinants, Linear Independence.
  • UNIT MM02 (A- LEVEL) - MECHANICS 2 Mathematical Modelling, Moments and Centres of Mass, Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Application of Differential Equations, Uniform Circular Motion, Work and Energy, Vertical Circular Motion.
  • One further module will be selected from whichever of Unit MM1B, Unit MS1B or Unit MD01 was not selected at A-level.


Entry requirements

Grade A* at GCSE Mathematics. Students should have gained a grade A* at GCSE Mathematics to join the full two year A-Level Further Mathematics course and they must gain at least a grade B at A-Level Mathematics at the end of Year 12 before they commence the A2 Further Mathematics course in Year 13.


100% examination. This subject must be studied together with Mathematics. The two subjects combined require 12 units, each examined by a written paper.

Future opportunities

Although A-level Mathematics is an excellent entry qualification to many degree courses, those who wish to study Maths, Science and Engineering at elite universities will find Further Mathematics a real advantage, with clear future career benefits in these areas.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wymondham College directly.

Last updated date: 27 May 2016

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