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Modern Foreign Languages A Level at London Academy of Excellence

Course description

he study of a foreign language is a gateway to a new country or indeed countries,
to new culture, literature, film andmusic, to the genius of icons such as Coco
Chanel. As well as the practical linguistic skills you will build on day to day, your
study will require self-motivation, determination and discipline, which is why having a modern foreign language qualification is still highly regarded by admissions tutors at top universities.
If you enjoy looking for links and patterns in language andmaking informed
deductions about the form andmeaning of words, and if you want to study a course
in which you can explore aspects of history, politics, society andmedia, all
while developing confident fluency in French or Spanish, you will enjoy
studying a language at LAE.


Course content

At LAE you can study French or Spanish. At this
advanced level, you will begin by building
on your skills acquired atGCSE and start
to communicate sophisticated ideas and
opinions in the target language. Every one
of your lessons will target one ormore of your
language skills: speaking, reading, writing
and listening. Language lessons at A level will
require you to think independently, and you
will develop confidence in expressing and
justifying your points of view. In your first year,
you will acquire the linguistic skills necessary
to debate key social issues and discuss
controversial topics, for example, whether
young people are slaves to social networks or
whether the concept of a “traditional family”
still exists in the twenty-first century.While
there is no coursework, there is an oral exam
for which you will prepare ideas to discuss
about a particular topic of your choice.With
the support and guidance of your teachers,
this will be a unique opportunity to hone your
independent research skills and to develop
expertise about a particular issue within a
Francophone or Hispanic country.What you
investigate and research is down to you and
your individual interests, be it the effects of
sustainable tourism in Costa Rica or how the
French rap scene has developed over
recent decades.

Entry requirements

Get to grips with the keymaterial atGCSE.
Try not to shy away from the grammar and
verb tenses at school, because at LAE you will
need to have these basics secure before you
progress tomore sophisticated language.


We teach the AQA syllabus for both French
and Spanish. You will take two exams at the
end of Year 12, an oral exam and a written
exam, and twomore at the end of Year 13

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact London Academy of Excellence directly.

Last updated date: 09 July 2015

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