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A Level English Literature at St Bartholomew's School

Course description

This is a new two-year linear A Level course. There will be an option for students to complete an AS qualification at the end of Year 12. The AS exam is not, however, part of the full A Level course.

Course content

A Level English Literature aims to encourage and extend the enjoyment and appreciation of a wide range of literature drawn from a wide range of literary periods and genres.

This course is well suited to students who enjoy literary analysis at GCSE and wish to develop this approach. It is an excellent preparation for those students wishing to continue their studies in this subject in Higher Education. English Literature combines very well with many other subjects in arts, humanities and sciences.

During the A Level course students will study two exam units and one Non-Examined Assessment, which is worth 20% of the final A Level grade.

Paper 1: Love Through the Ages. For Section A students will study a Shakespeare play – examples include Measure for Measure and Othello. For Section B students will answer a compulsory essay question on two unseen poems. Section C will focus on comparing poetry and prose texts. For Section C only students are allowed to have clean texts in the exam room.

Paper 2: Texts in Shared Contexts. There are two options here using the study of three of the set texts across prose, poetry and drama, one of which is written post 2000. Students will be allowed clean texts for part of this exam.

Non-Exam Assessment This will be a comparative critical study of two texts of about 2,500 words, one of which must be pre-1900.


From September 2015 in all Sixth Form English courses there will be a Non-Examined Assessment (the new term for coursework) only in the second year of the A Level. All other assessments will be done via examinations at the end of the second year of study for the full A Level and/or at the end of Year 12, if students wish to gain the AS qualification only.

Financial information

The department arranges theatre trips to support study of the set texts. These are strongly recommended to students following this course. Students are required to buy the texts they are studying. The Anthology is provided free of charge to each student by the exam board.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Bartholomew's School directly.

Last updated date: 02 June 2015

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