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Media Studies GCSE at Parliament Hill School

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Exam board – OCR information available on, Team Leader: Ms K. Moss, Film& Why take it? Pathway? Media Studies students can access a number of courses at Level 3 including ‘A’ level Media Studies, ‘A’ level Film Studies, BTEC National in Media and the Advanced Diploma in Creative and Media. From these students will be able to choose from a range of Higher Education course such as: Media production – fi lm, TV, radio and print, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Journalism, English, History, Law, Multimedia Design, Screen Studies, Advertising/ Marketing. Quotes from Year 11 “I chose Media Studies GCSE as I have family and friends who work in the media and I know it is a huge business that is still growing. I was interested in studying something new that was different to subjects that I had studied before. I feel Media Studies is very relevant to students our age as our lives are infl uenced so much by the media. It linked to my interests out of school and I wanted learn more about different parts of the media like the press and fi lm industry. I would recommend studying media as its creative, fun and helps you to understand more about the world we live in.” Year 11 Media Studies Student Assessment % breakdown (controlled assessment and external exam) B321: Individual Media Studies Portfolio • Controlled assessment - 30% B322: Textual Analysis and Media Studies Topic (Moving Image) External assessment 1 hour 45 minutes - 40% B324: Production Portfolio in Media Studies • Controlled assessment -30% Tiers on entry Untiered Requirements for A level/ Laswap Students are not expected to have studied GCSE Media Studies for Level 3 courses but knowledge gained on this course will help with future study. A ‘B’ grade in GCSE English is a strong preference to study the topic at ‘A’ level within Laswap. Description of course This is a two year, level two GCSE course and an academic qualifi cation with 60% controlled assessment (coursework). GCSE Media Studies enables students to investigate a wide range of contemporary media. As an academic course the GCSE allows for students to creatively design and produce their own media artifacts using a range of production skills including photo manipulation and video editing. The skills students develop are the analysis and interpretation of media texts to gain knowledge and understanding of media institutions and audiences. You will be asked to creatively develop your ICT and digital media design skills in the production of media products. You will also complete essays to evaluate the production work that you complete. Topics studied will include • Action Adventure Movies • TV sitcoms and the concept of representation • Media production The course is designed around three units of work and work will be assessed as follows: Year 10 B321: Individual Media Studies Portfolio • Controlled assessment 30% of GCSE mark This unit focuses on media language where you will produce an individual portfolio containing discussion and analysis of the concept of representation (how people, places and groups of people are represented in the media). There will be an assignment, production exercise and planning and evaluative writing piece based on a brief set in class. During this project you will study the construction of two media texts the focus being Documentaries. Year 11 B322: Textual Analysis (Moving Image) External assessment 40% of overall GCSE (Exam unit) Within the unit B322 there are two sections: Section 1: This will be in the form of an analysis and response to a short, previously unseen moving image extract to demonstrate understanding of key media concepts. The topic for this analysis will be action adventure fi lms. Section 2: This section is based on a specifi c media topic which tests your understanding of the key media areas institutions and audiences. The topic for this section will be TV Comedy. Unit B322 Textual Analysis is an exam taken at the end of the two year course. This constitutes 40% of the GCSE. There will be some work on the unit B322 in Year 10 as an introduction to the topic. B324: Production Portfolio in Media Studies • Controlled assessment 30% of the GCSE. This is an opportunity to demonstrate skills in research, planning and working in a team in the construction and evaluation of the media artifact. You will develop an understanding of the following key concepts in media including audience, institutions, media language and genre. The brief for this unit is Advertising. Events / trips / residential information To be confi rmed. Useful websites

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Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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