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History AS & A level at Stowupland High School

Course description

You do not have to have studied History at GCSE in order to take an AS or A Level course in the subject.  It is more important that you have an enquiring mind, an interest in the past and its relevance to current affairs and an ability to communicate your ideas effectively and prove an interest in History.  If you have studied History at GCSE you will find that the skills that you have developed, as well as some of the knowledge gained, will form a solid foundation for further study at AS/A Level.         

Course content

Component 1 Breadth Study: 1D Stuart Britain & the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603-49 (AS)/1603-1702 (A2)

Component 2 Depth Study: 2Q The American Dream: Reality & Illusion, 1945-63 (AS)/1945-80 (A2)

Component 3 Historical Investigation: A personal study based on the context of Russia, 1856-1964 (A2)

In each component you will learn:

•           About the significance of events, individuals, issues and societies in history

•           To compare aspects of the different societies you have studied

•           How and why societies have changed over time

•           About the theories of historians and the language that they use to discuss their ideas

•           To understand the nature of historical evidence and the methods used by historians to   analyse and evaluate it

•           To develop an understanding of how the past has been interpreted and represented

•           To express and organise your own historical ideas confidently and effectively. 

Entry requirements

History is a traditionally popular course with strong  uptake of 20+ students per year.  To follow this course you should have achieved an A*-C profile in your GCSE subjects, including English Language.  

Recommended grade for entry on the course: History GCSE grade B—we may consider C grade  students on their individual merits.  We prefer to have students with a B+ grade in English.  


Researched and timed essays, including source-work, will be marked by your teachers and      feedback given to help you to progress.  Contributions to class discussion will also help inform your teachers as to your  understanding and progress.

There will be a written exam for each component (1 hour 30 minutes at AS: 1 source based essay and 1  essay/ 2 hours 30 minutes at A2: 1 source based essay and 2 essays).

A 3000—3500 word historical investigation will be completed at A2, marked by teachers and    externally moderated, worth 20% of the final A2 qualification. 

Future opportunities

Students who study AS or A Level History have access to a wide range of career and higher education opportunities.  By the end of your course you will have learned how to research, evaluate and analyse information, how to weigh up evidence and how to communicate complex ideas effectively.  You will have plenty of opportunity to show evidence of your ability to work  independently.  All these skills are recognised and valued by employers, universities and colleges alike.

History combines well with Maths and Science subjects to create an attractive portfolio of qualifications, enabling students to move on to a university science based course.  Combined with English, Sociology, Geography, Drama or a Modern Foreign Language it would provide a good   basis for an arts or languages based degree.

History AS/A Level provides an excellent foundation for a number of popular careers including, journalism, law, accounting and business. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Stowupland High School directly.

Last updated date: 07 September 2016
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September