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Media Studies at The Regis School

Course description

In ‘the online age’ the media play a major role in our lives. They are the main providers of information and entertainment. The Media can shape what we know about the world and are often our main source of ideas and opinions, so it makes sense to investigate what they provide and why.

By doing the course you will acquire high order media literacy skills that will enable you to access a broad range of social and cultural experiences and are transferable to a wide range of careers.

You will also have the opportunity to produce your own media texts using industry standard technology. The sheer economic power of the media makes them significant and worthy of study. The media industries in this country employ thousands of people directly and make the employment of thousands of others possible.

If you have a personal interest in any specific media form - music, film, television, magazines, the internet - and you want to investigate these further then you should take Media Studies.

Course content

A/S Two Units in Year 12.

Unit 1. Creating Media (30% Non-exam assessment.) Learners will practically explore the creation of a television advert using industry standard technology.

Unit 2. Key Media Concepts (70% Exam assessment) Learners will explore, through the use of all four aspects of the theoretical framework, how the media language of media products construct different representations and how media products are used by institutions to communicate messages to different media audiences.

A2 Two Units in Year 13.

Unit 1: Media Products (Exam assessment 30% of total A Level). Learners will explore how media products are used by institutions to construct different representations and how media audiences interpret these products. Learners will use aspects of the theoretical framework to analyse and evaluate their own cross-media productions

Unit 2: Media in a digital age (Exam assessment 40% of the total A Level) Learners will explore and analyse the ideas and arguments from debates about the media. These debates will be drawn from: • a historical perspective • the digital age • global media.

Unit 3: Making Media (Non-exam assessment 30% of the total A level) Learners will practically explore the creation of three linked media products in a cross-media production.

Entry requirements

5 GCSE grades at grade C or above, including a grade C in English Language.


AS: Creating Media 30% (Non-exam based) of the total AS GCE marks.

Key Media Concepts 70% marks of the total AS GCE marks.

A2: Making Media 30% (Non-exam based) of the Advanced GCE marks.

Media products 30% of A2 GCE marks Media in the digital age 40% of the total A2 GCE marks.

Future opportunities

FE Vocational and Degree courses in Media Studies, Media Production, Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Sociology.

Careers in all aspects of Media Research and Production, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Research, Teaching. With Media the possibilities are endless!

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Regis School directly.

Last updated date: 31 October 2017