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Mandarin A level **FEES PAYABLE** at Blackheath High School

Course description

Is language - spoken or written - fascinating to you?  Have you enjoyed your GCSE course?  Then you may be just the sort of student who would derive the maximum pleasure and benefit from an Advanced Level course in Mandarin.

The GCSE examination emphasizes topicality, authenticity and communication.  The AS and A2 level specifications build on this approach and aim to expand students' knowledge of the structure of language, and to develop their interest in the culture and current affairs of the country whose language they are studying.

The Advanced Subsidiary course is followed in year 12, and examined in May/June.  The modules consist of a speaking test and a listening, reading and writing paper.  THere will be a defined grammatical content for AS and the topic areas will be firmly rooted in the culture of the target language country eg daily life, travel, transport and holidays.

You will have the option to progress to A2 level in year 13, when further topic areas will be studied and the grammatical content will be extended.  The examinations will consist of more advanced speaking, translation and writing tests, as well as a research-based essay component.  A foreign language assistant will give you weekly conversation practice, and help you to prepare your oral topic.

You are encouraged to read as much and as widely as possible, with language magazines, websites and audio files available to help you enrich your appreciation, and there will be opportunities to organise work experience or a leisure stay in the country whose language you are studying.  At home, there are trips to the theatre and cinema, in addition to study days and lectures.

Modern languages are much in demand in the business world, with a large number of universities offering interesting combinations of courses and languages, as well as the more traditional modern language degree.  We are advised that admissions tutors regard proficiency in languages as a good indicator of intellectual ability, as they are beginning to acquire elite status.

Entry requirements

Languages are a popular A level choice and at this point we advise you that we would normally expect our AS and A2 level students to have achieved at least a grade A in their GCSE examination.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Blackheath High School directly.

Last updated date: 26 August 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September