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Mathematics A Level at Gateacre School

Course description

  • It has been studied for thousands of years, yet it is still a vital, vibrant and development subject It is interesting in itself
  • It forms part of every aspect of modern life, for example in science and technology, business and commerce
  • It provides essential skills for dealing with the problems of the modern world
  • It gives users techniques for understanding and solving problems
  • It encourages the development of logical and enquiring minds
  • A knowledge of advanced mathematics will give students a distinct advantage over other students on a wide variety of university courses.

At Gateacre we offer the choice of either a one-year AS ward or the full (2year) A Level, following the AQA syllabus in Mathematics. It may also be possible to offer Further Maths AS or the full Further Maths A level, dependent on demand.

Course content

An AS Award

Advanced Subsidiary awards were introduced in 2000 and can be used in two ways.

As a final qualification allowing candidates to broaden their students and defer decisions about specialism. As the first half of an advanced level qualification

Three modules are required for the AS Award:

  • Core 1
  • Core 2
  • Statistics 1 or Mechanics 1

Students will usually sit in C1 examination in January of Year 12 and the C2 and S1/M1 modules at the end of Year 12.

Full A-Level Award

The Advanced Level examination is in two parts:

  • Advanced Subsidiary (see above) – 50% of the total award
  • A second examination, called A2 in Year 13 – 50% of the total award

To complete a full A level award six modules must be completed,

  • Core 1; Core 2; Core 3; Core 4; Statistics 1; Mechanics 1

A written paper of length 1 hour 30 minutes is used to assess each module. There is no coursework element to any of the modules. The A2 modules can be sat either in January or May of Year 13, dependent on resists.

Entry requirements

Maths is one of the few subjects that is a relevant qualification for all university courses. However, it is not an easy subject and students must be prepared to demonstrate a commitment to this subject if they are to succeed. Students who wish to study maths at Advanced level would ideally have achieved a grade B in GCSE maths on ‘Higher’ level papers. However, each case will be decided on an individual basis after GCSE results have been confirmed.

Future opportunities

AS or A2 Mathematics is welcomed as a qualification for a variety of Higher Education courses. A mathematics qualification is vital for some subjects, such as engineering, and useful for others, such as biochemistry. Students taking a degree in music will find AS Mathematics valuable when they study acoustics. If students want to take a mathematics degree, they should consider taking Further Mathematics at A Level. Though it is not a requirement for a degree, students will find it a great help on any university maths course. Students could go on to work in accountancy, computing, engineering, management or teaching. Employers value people with mathematical skills and are sometimes prepared to pay them more.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Gateacre School directly.

Last updated date: 25 June 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years