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Italian A Level at Heworth Grange Comprehensive School

Course description

You may think that languages aren’t really relevant to today’s modern world; everyone speaks English, right? Wrong. Languages are all around us; they are used in so many situations whether at work, on holiday or just casually in day-to-day life: we live in a multilingual global society. Choosing an A-level language is a really smart move if you want a fascinating subject that offers you a range of career possibilities at the end and are a lot of fun along the way. A-level language courses are interesting and varied subjects to study and give you a broad range of knowledge and skills.

A level languages build upon your existing knowledge gained at GCSE, giving you a sound understanding of using your language in a variety of contexts and situations - at home, abroad, with friends or in the workplace. The emphasis of the A-level language course focuses on improving communication in your foreign language through different means as well as being able to use it in a variety of situations, developing your key skills areas.

The A-level modern language course is structured so that you’ll study a variety of topics each year which will form the basis of the reading, writing and listening exams and also the speaking test. There is no coursework for this A-level, but this isn’t a bad thing as you’ll gain all the skills and knowledge you need to ace the exams over the two years of study. With seven lessons a fortnight dedicated to learning your language this is a fast pace environment with noticeable improvements. The topics that you’ll cover are really varied so you not only greatly improve your language speaking ability, use of grammar, different tenses, and know tons more vocabulary - but you’ll also learn about culture, history, literature, cinema, society, the environment and lifestyle. The aim of the A-level modern language course is to help you to develop an interest in speaking a foreign language, to gain awareness of the need to speak foreign languages, to appreciate the nature and diversity of different cultures and people and to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and employment.

Course content

AS - This is worth half the A level and is taken at the end of year 12.

Two units assessed by examination. You will study youth culture and concerns; lifestyle, health and fitness; the world around us: travel, tourism and environmental issues; education and employment.

A2 - The second half of the A level is taken at the end of year 13.

Two units assessed by examination. You will study customs, traditions, beliefs and religions; national and international events: past, present and future; literature and the arts.

Entry requirements

Grade B GCSE in the relevant language

Future opportunities

Obvious careers include teaching, interpreting and translation, but languages are also valued as an extra skill in all sorts of areas, including tourism, hotels, sales and marketing, secretarial work, airports, the civil service and journalism, to name just a few. Even if languages do not form an integral part of your chosen career, language study at a high level shows prospective employers evidence of hard work, discipline, organisation, and research and analytical skills.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Heworth Grange Comprehensive School directly.

Last updated date: 22 July 2016

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