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Mathematics A Level at St Benedict's Catholic High School

Course description

Mathematics is one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe and is used to describe nearly everything within it. Study at A Level enables students to explore the world of Mathematics in greater depth looking at Mathematics both for its own sake and also its applications in the real world. The course is split into two areas Core Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Core Mathematics looks at what Maths is all about including the rules and patterns that everything is built upon and consists of four units.  Applied Mathematics looks at how Maths can be applied to real situations, in particular the use of data (Statistics) and motion of objects (Mechanics).

Students will study:

  • Pure Mathematics including Proof; Algebra and functions; Coordinate geometry in the (x,y); Sequences and series; Trigonometry; Exponentials and logarithms; Differentiation; IntegrationNumerical methods.
  • Probability and Statistics – Statistical sampling; Data presentation and Interpretation; Probability; Statistical distributions; Statistical hypothesis testing.
  • Mechanics 1 – Quantities and units in mechanics; Kinematics; Forces and Newton’s laws; Moments.

Entry requirements

We want students who:  Are motivated and enthusiastic about the magic of Mathematics and who aspire to discover more of its secrets. If students really enjoy Mathematics and are interested in studying Mathematics or a related subject, such as Physics or Engineering, at university then Further Mathematics is an excellent choice.


The course is externally assessed with three 2 hour exam papers each worth 100 marks, taken at the end of the course.

Future opportunities

Mathematics A Level is a highly regarded qualification both within Further Education and in employment. It is also considered to be a challenging, though enjoyable, subject to study.

A Level Mathematics can be a requirement for many degree courses e.g Accountancy, all fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine and any Mathematics related subject.  It is also very useful for many business, management and teaching courses.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Benedict's Catholic High School directly.

Last updated date: 17 March 2017

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