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Psychology AS/A2 Level at Christleton High School

Course description


Psychology can be defined as the science of human behaviour. The aim of the subject is to study various aspects of people’s lives with the hope that understanding and insight can be gained. A level Psychology is a scientific subject based on research. Exploring the way this research is designed, carried out and analysed is called Research Methods and is a very important part of the course. Statistical analysis is part this section.


The subject of Psychology is based around different explanations of behaviour which draw attention to a variety of causes for human behaviour. For instance, the Psychoanalytical approach pioneered by Sigmund Freud suggests that there are unconscious reasons for the things people do. Other psychologists have attempted to prove their theories by conducting experiments and carefully measuring and analysing the things they observe. In Module 1 and Module 2 you will examine these approaches in a variety of topic areas. You will need to bear in mind that Psychology is a critical subject. This means that your success will depend on your ability to learn and evaluate the theories you study.


Course content


The topics to be studied in Module 1 include theories which explain the operation of memory and eyewitness testimony in criminal cases. In addition, a unit on developmental psychology will explore the way that human beings develop from babies to adulthood. We also explore how humans respond to authority.

In module 2 you will study discussions of normal and abnormal behaviour in society. We consider biological and psychological methods for treating mental illnesses such as Phobias. In Research Methods you will examine exactly how psychologists develop their theories. You will learn how to design experiments and look at the different methods of data analysis. There is a demanding mathematical and scientific component to this section.

In the final A2 only module we study human relationships, theories of gender and cognitive and developmental psychology. Students should be aware that there are several in-depth biological elements in Module 3 and elsewhere in the course.

Entry requirements


It is normally expected that students will have achieved five GCSE passes at Grade C or above. These should include English Language and Mathematics. However, a Grade B in Science is strongly advisable.




If you are studying AS Level Psychology you will take exams in Module 1 and 2 at the end of Year 12 and will have completed the course. If you are completing the full A level you will take 3 exams in Year 13. Although the topics in Module 1 and 2 are common to both levels the A2 modules test students at a more demanding level than the AS exams and require more in-depth study.

Future opportunities


Psychology is a very popular degree course offered at a broad range of universities. The subject combines well with other A-level courses to make up a good A-level profile.

Amongst other areas, qualified psychologists work in clinical psychology, education, criminology, law and sport. In addition, many other degree features the subject as part of their foundation courses or options.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Christleton High School directly.

Last updated date: 06 May 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years