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French, German and Spanish A level at The Corsham School

Course description

The A Levels in MFL reward language skills and knowledge in student-focussed assessments. With appealing content and opportunities to gain greater understanding of other cultures, it can prepare students to be well-informed and effective communicators.

Studying a language will broaden your horizons, and enable students to better understand other cultures in an ever-changing world. Possibilities for travel are greatly enhanced by having an insight into a language.

Course content

Students will study the themes of:

  • Travel and exploration - advantages of travelling, working and studying abroad; impact of travel on society; local culture and festivals in France and French-speaking countries.
  • Contemporary youth culture - entertainment, music and the arts; media and digital culture; youth sub-cultures, trends and personal identity.
  • Diversity and difference - migration and integration; cultural identity and marginalisation; cultural enrichment and celebrating difference; discrimination and diversity.
  • France 1940-1950: the Occupation and postwar years - from June 1940-May 1945 (occupation, liberation and end of WWII); Life in Occupied France and the cultural dimension (théâtre, cinéma, littérature); 1945-1950: rebuilding and restructing; repercussions for modern day France.

Entry requirements

Students must have a minimum of a B grade in the at GCSE in the language they wish to study. We shall be offering a two year course in French/German/Spanish.


Speaking exam 30% of the qualification 21-23 minutes; presentation and discussion of independent research project, theme-based discussion.

Listening, reading and translation 50% of the qualification 2 hours 30 minutes.

Critical and analytical response in writing 20% of qualification 2 hours, two essays of approximately 300 words in literary works/film they have studied.

Future opportunities

As well as MFL degrees, those which include an element of foreign languages study will be open to students. A degree in, or including, an MFL will greatly enhance career opportunities in all fields especially linguistic, business, scientific, manufacturing, legal and media.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Corsham School directly.

Last updated date: 06 November 2017

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