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Sociology at Yavneh College

Course description

Exam Body: AQA

Sociology generally appeals to those who have a genuine interest in how the world around them operates and who question the existence of justice and equality in society. The A Level considers academic sociological theories as well as the research skills which sociologists use to carry out their investigations. The course looks domestically at the reasons behind inequality in areas such as education and health, as well as looking at more global issues such as crime and deviance in the second year of study.

Course content

Unit 1: one of the following topics is studied:

  • Culture and identity explores the relationships between identity and age, gender, sexuality.
  • Families and households looks at the changing role of the family within the modern world, demographic trends in the UK since 1900 and the reasons for these changes.
  • Wealth, poverty and welfare considers the causes and consequences of poverty in society.

Unit 2: one of the following topics is studied:

  • Education explores the role and purpose of education and schools within society
  • Health analyses the unequal distribution of health care within the United Kingdom, attitudes to mental health and the role of professionals in delivering care.
  • Sociological methods examines quantitative and qualitative methods of investigation

Unit 3: one of the following topics is studied:

  • Beliefs in society explores the relationship between religious beliefs and social change.
  • Global development examines the impact of globalisation in contemporary society.
  • Mass media explores the media representations of differing social groups and how effectively the media is regulated.
  • Power and politics considers the role of political parties, pressure groups and new social movements as vehicles of social change.

Unit 4: one of the following topics is studied:

  • Crime and deviance explores criminal justice, crime prevention and punishment by looking at the criminal justice system.
  • Stratification and differentiation examines theories of stratification and inequality within society.

Entry requirements

Students must have achieved at least Grade B in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature


The course is split in to four units. At AS level, students study units 1 and 2, which are both assessed using a mixture of short answer and essay-based questions. At A2 students study units 3 and 4, which are assessed using a mixture of extended answer and essay-based questions.

Future opportunities

The study of 'A‘ level sociology provides students with a critical understanding of a range of social issues relating to topics as diverse as the family, education, culture, identity, crime and social power. The study of sociology also provides students with the conceptual tools they need to understand the nature of contemporary society and will help students to develop their ability to interpret and evaluate material from a range of different sources.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Yavneh College directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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