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Chemistry A Level at Plymouth High School for Girls

Course description

Chemistry is the study of substances, what they are made of, how they interact and what role they play in living things. Chemistry is a fundamental subject and bridges the gap between the physical and biological sciences.

A Chemistry qualiÚcation opens wide the door to the future. Chemistry is named as an essential or acceptable A Level for more degree courses than virtually any other subject

- It oÙers excitement – discovering a new life-saving drug.
- It is creative – inventing new compounds or new uses for existing ones.
- It is a challenge – solving the problems of the world, hunger, disease, pollution.
- It is satisfying – reducing suÙering, improving living conditions.
- It is HARD WORK, academically challenging but interesting as well.

Chemistry oÙers all this and more. Madness is not a prerequisite, just Ûair and imagination, perhaps tinged with a little eccentricity...

Course content

In your Lower 6th year you will study : Inorganic Chemistry, including the structure of the atom and chemical bonding , Physical Chemistry, the energetics of a reaction pathway and Organic Chemistry, an introduction to the main organic functional groups with a detailed study of key homologous series. You will also complete Practical Skills assessments.

In your Upper 6th year you will develop your studies: Inorganic Chemistry, the transition metals and fuel cells, Physical Chemistry, the eÙect of entropy on reactions and Organic Chemistry, the study of benzene and amides including chemical synthesis, a key component of Medicinal Chemistry. You will also complete Practical Skills assessments. Exams are in June of Year 13. Chemistry will be assessed by 100% examination, with a practical endorsement.

Entry requirements

Our expectations are that students applying to study this Level 3 course for 2 years will have achieved a good GCSE grade: a grade B or above in Additional Science or Chemistry, and a grade B in Mathematics (or an equivalent Level 2 qualiÚcation) is required. In some cases entry onto A Level courses may be on a trial basis and remaining on the course will be dependent on performance. We welcome applications from enthusiastic students with a commitment to study.

Future opportunities

Chemists are in demand in many unrelated and diverse careers, not only Medicine and Veterinary Science, Forensic Science, Horse Racing, Sport, Art Restoration, Environment, Brewing and Food, to name but a few. Many other professions recognise and reward the numeracy, problem-solving and logical thinking skills that Chemistry develops in you.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Plymouth High School for Girls directly.

Last updated date: 03 March 2017

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