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Media Studies A Level at King Edward VI Community College

Course description

In a world where most of our information and entertainment comes from the television, cinema, the Internet and other multimedia technologies, this course aims to develop an understanding of the role and influence of mass media in our lives, culture and society.You already have a great deal of knowledge. This course helps you to shape this knowledge into an understanding of how the media constructs messages and communicates these to its audience. Media courses consist of a combination of theoretical and practical work, studying a range of media – television and radio, film and video, newspapers and magazines, popular music, computer games and the Internet. During the course of the year, you could find yourself analysing a film or television programme; learning how to create a website; comparing the different ways in which a country is represented in a charity poster, a travel brochure or magazine article or making a short video or print text.

Course content

In a typical week you could find yourself analysing a film or television programme, studying magazines or deconstructing an advertisement. More importantly, you will learn about the power that the media exerts on society and how everyone is influenced by it, both positively and negatively. The Media arguably influences politics more than politics influences the Media.

AS Units:
- investigating media (50%)
- creating media (50%)

A2 Units:
- media: critical perspectives (50%)
- media: research and production (50%)

Entry requirements

GCSE at grade A*-C in English.


You will work in small groups, whole class or individually depending on the task. You may already have studied GCSE Media Studies, although this is not a requirement. AS and A2 Media are a more advanced theoretical study of a range of media texts. You will study the key concepts of narrative, genre, representation and audience. You will explore the ways in which all mass produced media texts are influenced by institutional and ideological values and beliefs and come to understand in more depth the language of visual and verbal texts. Your study of the media will continue to develop over the duration of each course (AS and A2) and thus understanding will come from a combination of theoretical analysis and practical production.

Future opportunities

This is a popular course which attracts a range of students. Many students have continued with Media Studies at degree level and all gained places at top universities. Several students’ projects were selected for inclusion in the Bradford Museum of Media’s National Young People’s Film Festival. We are now in an age of affordable multimedia technology and increased numbers of independent production companies. Because your course combines theory and practical, there is a wide range of courses on offer at undergraduate level.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King Edward VI Community College directly.

Last updated date: 08 February 2017

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