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Business Studies A Level at Lady Manners School

Course description

Students are expected to analyse the key factors involved in a given context and have to recommend the best course of action for a business given its existing position: Should it launch a new product? Should managers increase staff pay or give more to investors? Should a business target more emerging economies? How should you raise the money needed to fund expansion - should you borrow from a bank or friends and family?

The course is about debating and decisionmaking in a business context. Students need to learn and understand the theory but then apply it to a context.

The "right" answer will depend on the problem in front of you and you need to be able to think issues through logically, put together well-reasoned arguments and make recommendations. It involves analysing situations and making choices.

Course content

First Year:

  • What is business?
  • Managers, leadership and decision making
  • Decision making to improve marketing performance
  • Decision making to improve operational performance
  • Decision making to improve financial performance
  • Decision making to improve human resource performance

Second Year

The full A Level content incorporates the same six topics as above plus the following additional topics:

  • Analysing the Strategic position of a business
  • Choosing strategic direction
  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
  • Managing strategic change

Entry requirements

GCSE or BTEC Business Studies will give a background base to the subject but is not essential.


  • Paper 1 Written exam 2 hrs
  • Paper 2 Written exam 2 hrs
  • Paper 3 Written exam 2 hrs

Taken in June of year 13


Future opportunities

Business Studies is growing in terms of numbers of students taking the qualification both nationally and at Lady Manners School, and is widely recognised by employers as well as universities as a good preparation for academic study and employment.

The knowledge and skills that are acquired on this course are relevant to a wide range of careers. Many of our students enjoy the subject so much they want to read it at university.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Lady Manners School directly.

Last updated date: 20 January 2017

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