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Government and Politics at The Burgate School and Sixth Fom centre

Course description

Government and Politics is an A Level only subject and has become a  well-established part of the curriculum at The Burgate Sixth Form. It is a very versatile subject and although many students do study it along side other humanities subjects it is also popular in conjunction with courses like Business Studies or as a completely different discipline.

The main aim of the subject is to enable students to understand the political systems that operate around them and that consequently have a profound effect on their daily lives.

To really emphasise this objective of the course students are encourage to take an interest in current affairs, by reading daily newspapers, watching the news and current affairs programmes and even the odd topical comedy such as ‘Have I got news for you.’

It is often the case that as the students’ theoretical knowledge of different political systems and processes develops, so does their interest in and appetite for political issues and events on the news.

Course content

AS Level

  • Unit 1 will introduce you to the political process by considering the factors that influence how people vote and assessing the relative merits of different voting systems. You will also consider the characteristics and relevance of the different political parties and find out why some people choose to become involved with pressure groups.
  • Unit 2 will focus on how modern Britain is actually governed and how politics affects our daily lives. This will include an analysis of the influence and power of the  Westminster Parliament and the roles of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

A2 Level

The course will focus on American politics and this will involve a detailed analysis of the American electoral system, the role of money and the media in politics, and the powers of the President, Congress and The Supreme Court. Through the course you will develop your own political standing by considering different political perspectives and build your analytical and evaluative skills.

Entry requirements

  • At least a grade C in one Humanities subject at GCSE and a grade B in English Language.

Future opportunities

This is a subject not just for budding politicians. Although many of our students go on to study Politics at university it is also popular to combine Politics with other subjects such as History, Economics or English. Furthermore, because it gives students a detailed understanding of current affairs and legislation, it is highly suitable for careers in Business, Journalism and Law.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Burgate School and Sixth Fom centre directly.

Last updated date: 17 March 2016

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