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Media Studies A Level at Thomas Tallis School

Course description

Media studies has often had to justify itself as an academic course -if you’re considering it, you might want to know that one in six new jobs created in the capital is in one of the media industries! Media Studies looks at this vital business from three important perspectives; the audiences or consumers, the products and the industries themselves. Critical analysis of the impact of the media over the years has given us some insightful tools, but there’s just one warning - take this course and you will never look at the media in the same way again.

You will develop a knowledge and understanding of:
- a diverse range of media industries, from television and moving image platforms, to print, games and e-media.
- the significance of media products to national, global and historical contexts
- media products and their contexts, including social, cultural, political, and historical.
- how media texts generate meanings and responses
- the media as an aesthetic medium • the different ways in which audiences engage with media texts.

You will develop the ability to apply:
- critical approaches to analysing a variety of media texts
- your knowledge and understanding of the media to creating your own products.

You will apply a particular framework to your exploration of the media, showing knowledge and understanding of:

- Media Language: how the different modes and languages associated with different media forms communicate multiple meanings.
- Media Representation: the way events, issues, individuals (including self-representation) and social groups (including social identity) are represented through processes of selection and combination.
- Media Industries: processes of production, distribution and circulation by organisations, groups and individuals in a global context.
- Media Audiences: how audiences are grouped and categorised by media industries, including by age, gender and social class as well as by lifestyle and taste.

Course content

We have decided to teach only the two year, linear A level course. We will not be offering an AS qualifi- cation at the end of Year 12. We believe that completing the two year course, and being assessed at the end, will both enhance your chance of success and improve your understanding of media studies.

Component 1:
Externally set examination
35% of A Level
2 hour written exam (84 marks)

Component 2:
Externally set examination
35% of A Level
2 hour written exam (84 marks)

Component 3:
Controlled assessment
30% of A Level
No time limit (72 marks)


AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media and contexts of media and their influence on media products and processes.

AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to:
- analyse media products, including in relation to their contexts and through the use of academic theories
- evaluate academic theories
- make judgements and draw conclusions.

AO3: Create media products for an intended audience, by applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to communicate meaning.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Thomas Tallis School directly.

Last updated date: 24 March 2017
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