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Extended Project Qualification (Elective) at The Bishop's Stortford High School

Course description

Examination Board: AQA.

In order to study for the Extended Project Qualification we also need to study Critical Thinking.

Critical Thinking is a skill that involves understanding and evaluating reasoning. 'Reasoning' is often defined as 'the act or process of drawing conclusions from facts, evidence, etc'.

In Critical Thinking, the word 'critical' is used to mean assessing strengths as well as weaknesses, rather than 'being critical' in the everyday sense. This may sound remote from everyday life. In reality, we are reasoning every time we think about why, whether and how to do something, or whether to believe what someone is telling us. You may feel that your previous study along with your own abilities already enable you to think critically without you needing to study it further. However, practising Critical Thinking skills is like preparing for a sports event or training as a musician: however strong your natural ability, the right practice will enable you to perform better.

Studying Critical Thinking will enable you to:

* Understand and analyse what other people say and write.

* Decide whether other people's reasoning is strong or weak.

* Assert your own point of view and argue convincingly This will help in your studies and your life to:

* Make rational decisions.

* Give reasons for your own beliefs and actions.

* Write logical, structured essays.

What is involved?

* 120 guided learner hours.

* Centre co-ordinator comments on project proposal, approves or requests resubmission.

* At end of project, learners give a presentation, which must include Q&A session.

* All recorded in log.

* All assessed by centre.

* 30 out of 120 hours taught by teacher.

Future opportunities

This will prepare you for study at the top universities. It will be a requirement for any Oxbridge applicant. It will enable you to focus, in depth, on a subject or subjects that you enjoy and wish to study to a higher level.

We are going to make it a requirement for any Oxbridge applicant.

It carries UCAS points and it will develop your personal study skills and help you to develop greater independence in your studies.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Bishop's Stortford High School directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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