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French at Gildredge House

Course description

Course Overview:

Topic 1 Social Issues and Trends

An in-depth study of the main factors affecting society in a French- speaking country including: the changing nature of family, the cyber-society, the place of voluntary work, positive features of a diverse society, life for the marginalised, and how criminals are treated.

Topic 2 Political and Artistic Culture

This unit covers both the vibrant cultural life of at least one French- speaking country as well as its political landscape including: a culture proud of its heritage, contemporary francophone music, cinema: the seventh art form, teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment, demonstrations, strikes: who holds the power, and politics and immigration.

Topic 3 Grammar

The new A Level course puts a particular emphasis on learning grammar and grammar-specific questions will appear in the final examinations. The aim is to give you the confidence to use French accurately in your spoken and written work.

Topic 4 Literature and Film

You will conduct an in-depth study of one piece of literature such as Philippe Grimbert’s Un secret or Faiza Guène’s Kiffe kiffe demain. In addition, you will also look at a specific film.

Topic 5 Individual Research Project

You must identify a subject or a key question which is of interest to you and which relates to a country or countries where French is spoken. You must select relevant information in French from a range of sources including the internet. The aim of the research project is to develop research skills.



Listening, Reading and Writing    2 hr 30         40%

Writing                                          2 hr              30%

Speaking                                      20 mins        30%


Why would this course suit me?

This course is an invaluable springboard for anyone considering working and living abroad and can open doors to international business and communications careers. Good linguists are risk takers and naturally inquisitive. At this level, you need to be rigorous in your learning and very accurate in your application of knowledge.


How does this course link to other subjects?

If it’s your intention to pursue languages as a career, it would be wise to consider studying French with other languages at A Level. Given its cultural history, French also goes well with subjects such as Philosophy, Music and Theatre, and most arts-based study areas. Psychology and History are also subjects you could consider pairing with French. There is also a demand for French in Science and the development of new technologies. If you want to pursue a career in Engineering, a lot of companies require their employees to be mobile.


Entry requirements

Grade 6 or above in GCSE French

Future opportunities

Potential Career Opportunities:

This course helps develop your communication skills in the language and will help you become a confident speaker with an in-depth knowledge of French culture. The Russell Group of Universities names French among its list of ‘facilitating subjects’. Language learning is indistinguishably linked with History, Culture, Business and Economics. There are well attested advantages of speaking more than one language. Linguists are in increased demand in many sectors of industry.

You may consider a degree purely in Languages / Linguistics / European Studies, leading to a wide variety of careers including, but not limited to, Translation, Interpreting, Teaching, Publishing, Journalism and Marketing. A language can also be combined with most subjects at higher education level, for example Law, International Relations, Politics, Media, Business or Sciences. Awareness of a foreign language is also an asset when applying for apprenticeships. Jobs where this is particularly useful are Cabin Crew, Travel Services, Customer Service and Relations, Events Assistants and Public Services.

How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 08 October 2018
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