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Sociology at The Sixth Form College Solihull

Course description

Sociology is a rigorous academic subject that is also rooted in the real world. Sociology is the study of how society is organized and how we experience life. It has been taught in British universities since the very beginning of the twentieth century. Studying A level Sociology enables you to develop critical thinking skills, to analyse and interpret the world around you.

Some of the issues we have studied recently include the riots in some of our cities, the phone-hacking scandal, immigration into the UK, the reforms to GCSEs and A levels, the Arab Spring, Boko Haram, issues surrounding the World Cup and sexism in pop music! By taking the subject, you become a much more informed, questioning and critical citizen of society. Furthermore, you will take away from Sociology a completely different way of thinking about the world around you, and here is a promise: you will never look at that world in the same way again.

Course content

PAPER 1 – COMPULSORY – Education with Theory and Methods
• the relationships between class, gender and ethnicity and educational achievement.
• recent reforms to the educational system.
Theory and Methods:
• the nature of sociological thought.
• the methods of social enquiry.
Methods in Context.

PAPER 2 – OPTIONS – 2 options selected by the college
Families and Households:
• the different family structures over time and place and current trends regarding marriage and divorce.
• demography.
• childhood and relationships between family members.
Beliefs in Society:
• critical awareness of contemporary social processes.
• the study of beliefs in society, why some societies are clerical and others secular.
• the extent to which religion can act as both a conservative force and as an agent of social change.

PAPER 3 – COMPULSORY – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
Crime and Deviance – This option focuses on debates in contemporary society through a detailed study of crime and deviance. The social construction of crime and deviance are considered and the ways in which crime is socially distributed, explained and reduced.
Theory and Methods – the nature of sociological thought, the methods of social enquiry.

Entry requirements

3 A level Programme:
The majority of our students will choose to study 3 A level courses and will commit to these subjects for the full 2 years. Entry requirements for this programme are:

• At least two grade 6s or B grades at GCSE
• At least a further three grade 4s or C grades at GCSE
• You should have at least a grade 4 or C grade in GCSE English Language AND Mathematics.

Please note that there may be additional entry requirements specific to particular courses – please check each course listing on our website carefully to ensure you understand these entry requirements.

4 A level Programme:
Some very able students may choose to study 4 A level subjects. This will include all students who choose to study A level Further Mathematics, who will pick Mathematics, Further Mathematics and two other subjects. These students must commit to these 4 subjects for the full 2 years. Entry requirements for this programme are:

• At least five grade 7s or A/A* grades at GCSE
• You should have at least a grade 6 or B grade in GCSE English Language AND Mathematics.
• Students picking Mathematics and Further Mathematics will need to get at least a grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics.

There are no additional entry requirements for this course.


No Coursework
Examination (100%)
Examining Board – AQA.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Sixth Form College Solihull directly.

Last updated date: 20 September 2017
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