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Psychology A-Level at The Queen's School

Course description

Think about today. When you woke up you may have remembered a dream—why do we have them? Perhaps you then walked to school—how did you remember the way? All day we are doing more than one thing at once—how do we process so much information, coordinate our responses and make decisions? What makes you identify with your friends and what effect do television and video games have on your behaviour?

These are questions which psychology investigates—about what makes you tick...and they affect you all day long.

Psychology investigates the way people think and behave, so we can test out many of the ideas we are studying in class. Lessons are active and you will get involved.

Course content

There are two units to the Edexcel AS Level and two for the A2 Level. AS covers social psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, psychodynamic psychology and the psychology of learning.

A2 covers criminal psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology and an overview of the issues and debates in psychology.

Entry requirements

At least seven GCSEs at grade B or above and grade A or A* in the subjects you wish to study in Sixth Form. Offers will be made subject to achieving this, a reference from your current school and an interview with the Headmistress

The AS and A2 courses require both some mathematical skills and the ability to express yourself through essays. The key requirement is that you are good at science. A minimum A grade in a science GCSE is essential for entry.

Future opportunities

You could continue your studies to degree level and many of the top universities offer excellent courses. Alternatively, you could  use your qualification to enable a career in law, medicine, politics, advertising or marketing.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Queen's School directly.

Last updated date: 07 July 2015

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