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Geography explores the issues affecting the worldright now. Geography helps students understand their own lives in ourdynamicorever-changing worldand face vital issues relevant to young global citizens growing up in the 21st Century.

ThenewGCSE Geography course consists of four modules:

  • Dynamic Planet - Tectonic Hazards and how we can survive them (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami); Battle for the Biosphere (damage to environments); Climate Change; and Water World (drought and flood issues), conflict along our coasts, Oceans and Extreme Climates.
  • People and the Planet - Population dynamics, natural resources, energy, economics, changing cities and development dilemmas.
  • Making Geographical Decisions - This module assesses your ability to make decisions about geographical issues and be able to justify them. The topic of the issue will change every year.
  • Researching Geography - This unit involves a field study visit and an investigation ( a piece of coursework). Students gather data during our field study day to on river processes and pressures from humans in Yorkshire.

How do we work?
We have a dedicated ICT suite (with 18 iMacs) available to GCSE Geography students in order to gain the most up to date information on issues affecting our dynamic and ever-changing world. ICT is used alongside a variety of other teacher methods including decision making, group activities, role play and many more. We pride ourselves in the level of ICT we use as both an innovative teaching and learning tool. Students will gain a wealth if these skills which will support them in almost all careers.

During Y10 there is a residential field study visit into the Yorkshire area to study river processes, the risk of flooding and the impacts of human activity on river systems.

To find out more about the issues facing the world visit: ; ; and

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CourseworkThere is only piece of coursework worth25%of the final grade. This is based on the ICT research and fieldwork investigation on rivers in the Yorkshire area.

ExaminationsThere are two tiers of exam in Geography,Higher(for A and B grade students) andFoundation(for C grade and below). This allows us to give students examination questions which are more closely suited to their ability. Our students enjoy this flexibility. There are 3 short (1 hour) examinations in Geography, all taken in Y11.

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What next?
Geography is a very broad and complementary subject working well alongside other subject areas. Geography provides a wealth of different skills relevant to the 21st Century. It provides research, ICT and fieldwork skills, shows students how to present data in a variety of formats, shows students how to make important and justified decisions taking into account many groups of people. Students who complete the course have an up-to-date knowledge of the world around them, the issues that the planet is facing and how some are being overcome.

A Level Geography and Geology are taught at King Edward VII School for students who wish to continue with the subject at an even higher level. Universities continue to report that Geography degree students are among the most employable of all those who leave university due to the range of skills the subject provides.

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The course is combinable with other opportunities within a single application

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You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 20 October 2016

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