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English Language A Level at Eaton Bank Academy

Course description

A Level English Language is a wide-ranging course that touches upon Psychology,
Sociology, Linguistics and Creative Writing. In the first year the focus is on the variety of styles of English.
Here are some of the themes and activities you’ll encounter:
We’ll read a range of texts (and by “text” we mean anything from a crisp packet to a Shakespeare sonnet) looking at how writers use different words, meanings, grammatical structures, sound patterns, and formats to achieve their effects.
By doing this, you’ll become a much better reader through being able to identify
precisely, with the appropriate linguistic terminology, how a text is working and
whether it is suited to its intended audience, purpose, subject and genre.
You’ll also become a better writer, too, because we read texts as style models
whose features can be imitated and developed in your own writing:
- You’ll be writing analytically, exploring the texts studied and applying linguistic
- You’ll have the opportunity to adopt the role of a journalist by writing articles about language use.
- As part of A Level Language, you’ll also write creatively. Recent students have
enjoyed writing short stories, magazine articles, reviews (music, film, theatre),
radio documentaries, advice/information leaflets, travel features, dramatic
monologues and comedy sketches.
We’ll identify the factors that contribute to the variety and diversity of language,
such as accent and dialect, social status, gender, occupation and technology.
We’ll read research studies and examine data to see what they can tell us about the
variety and diversity of language. Do different groups in society have different
conversational styles or strategies? Are different groups in society represented
differently in language?
English Language is, in short, a practical, investigative course with a variety of
approaches in the classroom to suit all learning styles. We’re lucky in that all our data is so accessible to investigation and discussion–we’re surrounded by language.

Future opportunities

A facility with language is important in most jobs, where the ability to speak and write clearly and accurately is highly valued. In fact, it is hard to think of a single occupation in which communication is not a key skill. If you are considering a career in journalism, A-Level English Language is a requirement of most courses. Other careers with a direct link to the subject include speech therapy, teaching and publishing.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eaton Bank Academy directly.

Last updated date: 18 April 2018

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