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Art: Fine Art at Watford Grammar School for Girls

Course description

Awarding Body: Edexcel

This course is intended to form part of an educational continuum in Art & Design from GCSE.

It will meet the needs of the following groups of students:

I. Those who will undertake further studies in Art & Design.

II. Those who will study subjects or take up careers for which an Art & Design background is relevant.

III. Those who wish to give breadth to the range of subjects chosen in the Lower Sixth.

The course is devised to provide a programme of practical and theoretical study which aims to give students a broad understanding of Art & Design. This allows students to work in many different areas such as drawing, painting, collage, assemblage, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installation and electronic media.

Working Practices

While no particular method of working is prescribed, those adopted by students must fulfil the four principal assessment objectives of the course which are:

• Recording observations, experiences and ideas in visual and other forms appropriate to intentions.

• Analysing and evaluating critically images and other sources, showing an understanding of purposes, meanings and contexts.

• The development of ideas through sustained investigations and exploration.

• The presentation of a personal, coherent and informed response, realising intentions, and articulating and explaining connections with the work of them.

Teaching Methods

All students on the course are taught by two teachers, both of whom contribute to the teaching of the four units which make up the course. For the first half of the first term students follow an induction course easing the transition from GCSE and enabling students to build a solid foundation for future progress. During the spring term of the first year all students take the externally set assignment which is informally marked and then externally moderated in the summer.

All projects are planned to give students the opportunity for both learning and experimentation. After an initial brief has been set, appropriate tuition is given and students are then encouraged to work individually. Outcomes can be in any medium in two or three dimensions.

Entry requirements

GCSE Grade B in Art 1 or 2, is required. In exceptional circumstances a portfolio of work which shows an equivalent level of ability will be accepted.



Unit 1 - Practical Coursework

You will be required to work from a given starting theme towards one or more well-considered conclusions.

Unit 2 - Externally Set Assignment

This will consist of a question paper providing you with single topic as a stimulus for creative work which starts in February and concludes in a two day practical examination.


Unit 3 - Contextual Study & Coursework (Practical work)

The contextual study requires you to link your own practical work with the broader study of the world of art, craft and design. It could, for example, be a written and illustrated thesis, a substantial display, tape or slide presentation, a video or a combination of these. Alongside the study experimental and 3 dimensional units of work are developed, implemented by a sculptural workshop with a professional artist.

Unit 4 - Externally Set Assignment

This consists of an externally set practical paper. Students have 10 weeks to explore personal ideas and they have a two day practical examination to conclude their personal projects.

Those students taking the AS examination only, are required to submit units 1 and 2 at the end of the summer term of the Lower Sixth in the form of an Art Exhibition. Those students taking A2 are only required to submit Unit 2 at the end of the AS year in the form of an exhibition.

During the A2 year 4 hours of lesson time and 6 hours of homework are a requirement for the A Level course. At the end of the summer term each A2 student mounts an exhibition comprising of work done for units 1, 2 and 4. This is marked internally and moderated externally.

Regular assessment of students’ work is integral to the teaching methods employed by the Department so as to ensure that the unique creative potential of each student is being developed to the utmost.

Financial information

Students are strongly encouraged to attend life drawing classes after school at an extra cost of £50 per term. This is especially important for those wishing to go on to Art courses at University.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Watford Grammar School for Girls directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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