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Philosophy and Ethics AS and A level at Eastbrook Comprehensive School

Course description

Here is a brief summary of the modules in this course:

Philosophy of Religion AS and A2

[a]               Ancient Greek influences on religious philosophy:  Plato and Aristotle

[b]               Judaeo-Christian influences on religious philosophy:  God as creator and the goodness of God.

[c]                Traditional arguments for the existence of God.

[d]               Challenges to religious belief including the problem of evil, as well as challenges from science, psychology and sociology.


Religious Ethics AS and A2

[a]               Ethical theory and how ethics influences our moral actions.  The  difference between absolute and relative morality.

[b]               Practical Ethics which applies ethical theory to everyday life, for example medical ethics, law, justice, relationships, sex, war and the environment.  

             The use of myth and language to raise a moral point.


Entry requirements

A grade C or above at GCSE Religious Studies is helpful, but NOT essential to do AS/A2.  However a C grade at GCSE is required in a humanities subject (History, Geography or RE).  

Any student who has an interest in moral issues and can sustain a critical line of argument while justifying a point of view will find this subject interesting.  Moral issues are on the syllabus not only of Philosophy and Ethics at Advanced Level, but also of Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography, Economics, Politics, Biology and Law.  Any student who is interested in these subjects will find the course enjoyable.  


At AS level student’s study two different modules and sit two examinations: AS Philosophy of Religion and AS Religious Ethics

Each paper is worth 50% of the total AS level.  A student may progress to A2 if they pass both AS papers.

At A2 the two papers completed at AS level are now worth 50% of the total A2 marks.  Students will have to complete two modules and pass two more papers to be awarded an A2 qualification.  The examinations are:A2 Philosophy of Religion and A2 Religious Ethics

Each paper at A2 is worth 25%. 

Future opportunities

The critical skills that this subject requires would be helpful to all students who are seeking Post 16 employment.  The subject covers issues about life that are relevant to all.  For example how can some practice law or medicine without considering ethics? 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eastbrook Comprehensive School directly.

Last updated date: 12 September 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September