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German A Level at Aylesbury Grammar School

Course description

With the ever increasing importance of Europe as a source of employment, the syllabus followed in the German A Level course is topical, relevant and reflects the increasingly communicative approach to modern language teaching. As in GCSE, equal importance is attached to the four linguistic skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking and the course is designed to encourage the use of German as a means of practical communication.

Students of German will be following the AQA syllabus and much of the material will be completed online, so access to the internet will be essential. Students opting for German in the Sixth Form will have the opportunity to take units 1 and 2 at the end of Year 12. These two units together comprise the AS level examination. These two units are intended as a “bridge” between GCSE and A Level, will be at AS standard, and will be marked accordingly.

Those candidates wishing to convert the AS award to a full A Level will continue to Year 13, sitting units 3 and 4. These last two (A2) modules will contain more challenging work, reflecting a ‘bridge’ between school and university. The German department feels that study visits to Germany enhance and improve students’ linguistic skills and offers Year 12 students the opportunity to take part in the Exchange visit to Stuttgart and for Year 13 students there is a Study Visit to Berlin.

Course content

Topic areas at AS level:

 Media

 Popular culture

 Healthy living

 Family relationships

Students will be prepared for this exam by weekly sessions in German with the German assistant who will help him select and practise his material.

The general topic areas at A2 are:

 The environment

 The multi-cultural society

 Contemporary social issues.

These topic areas will provide the framework for Unit 3 reading and listening comprehension exercises and the first five minute section of the oral exam The cultural topics will be drawn from the following areas:

 The novel “der Vorleser” (The Reader) by Bernhard Schlink

 Life in the DDR before the fall of the Berlin Wall

Entry requirements

In order to study German successfully at A Level a minimum of a grade B is needed at GCSE.


AS course:

Unit 1: Listening, reading and writing 70% of AS or 35% of A Level (2 hours)

Unit 2: Oral 30% of AS or 15% of A Level (35 minutes including 20 minutes preparation).

A2 course

Unit 3: Listening, reading and writing 70% of A2 or 35% of A Level (2½ hours)

Unit 4: Oral 30% of A2 or 15% of A Level (35 minutes including 20 minutes preparation).

In the final A2 exam an essay is written on one of the above topics and both are discussed for five minutes each in the oral exam. As with the AS exam, students will have a weekly conversation session with our German Assistant who will help him to prepare for the oral exam AS modules will not be taken until May/June of Year 12 though the oral exam may be slightly earlier.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Aylesbury Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 15 June 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years