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Philosophy and Ethics A level at Friesland School

Course description

Philosophy and Ethics is a critical approach to the consideration of moral and philosophical issues. The AS and A Level course provides thorough and diverse philosophical and ethical viewpoints allowing you to analyse and evaluate some of the greatest philosophical arguments that have been debated and contested over thousands of years.

Can you outthink the greatest thinkers?

Course content

Year 12: 

Philosophy and Religion: You will study Christianity looking at God’s characteristics like omnipotence, omniscience and benevolence. You will examine whether God is a creator and sustainer and analyse the philosophical arguments for the existence of God. How can evil and suffering exist in a world with a God who has these characteristics and has involvement in in our world?

Ethics, Religion and Society: You will examine moral principles within society and Christianity, comparing and contrasting these principles when dealing with issues such as the allocation of medical resources, organ transplants and the misuse of drink and drugs.

Year 13:

Philosophy and Religion: You will study the same content as AS but with the addition of the challenge presented to Christianity from science – How far is scientific discovery compatible with the belief that God created the world? You will examine the works of Freud and Marx looking at the nature and function of Christianity in a secular society. You will also look at the nature of the soul and examine what exactly it is that makes us human.

Ethics, Religion and Society: You will study the same content as AS but with the addition of topics such as religion and sexual identity - to what extent should Christians conform to set norms of sexual behaviour? You will look specifically at marriage, divorce and adultery, celibacy and virginity as virtues and homosexuality. You will study the role of conscience and the notion of free will and our personal moral responsibility in relation to reward, punishments and understanding the difference between right and wrong.

Entry requirements

A-C in GCSE Religious Studies and/ or English to show you have developed written and evaluation skills.

Future opportunities

Philosophy and Ethics is a thought provoking subject focussing on contemporary themes. These critical and evaluative skills are sought by higher education and employers alike particularly in law, education, social work, politics, medicine, administration and the media.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Friesland School directly.

Last updated date: 02 September 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September