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Business Studies A Level at Liverpool College

Course description

In a world where the Apprentice and Dragon‟s Den are amongst the most popular shows on TV, Business Studies gives pupils the chance to learn more about the business world. The Business Studies A-Level attempts to give pupils an insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, from the basic idea to running a multi-national. Business Studies is a hugely popular subject in school, and pupils tend to really enjoy learning the subject. It is taught using as many real life examples as possible, from Apple, Nike, Coke, Pepsi to local restaurants and shops. It gives pupils an insight not only into what makes a successful business but what factors can affect even the best businesses.

To learn more, pupils visit businesses, enter competitions such as the BASE event and benefit from visiting speakers sharing their experiences of the business world.

Business related University courses are very popular with our pupils and indeed are the most popular choice for our Sixth Form. The Department provides full guidance through this process.

Course content

Units: AS- The AS units focus on small to medium-sized businesses operating within national, as opposed to international markets.

BS1 covers the issues involved in a business start-up, such as research and planning, as well as the factors that determine success. (40% AS, 20% A2)

BS2 focuses on how established businesses might improve their effectiveness by making tactical decisions at a functional level. (60% AS, 30% A2)

Units: A2- The A2 Business Studies specification builds on the AS specification. The A2 specification has two units, BS3 Business Decision-Making and BS4 Business Strategy and Practice.

The aim of BS3 Business Decision-Making is to provide an overview of business strategy. Business organisations need to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and consider how they can best respond to the threats and opportunities posed by changes in the external environment. (25% A2)

The aim of BS4 Business Strategy and Practice is to focus on how business objectives are to be achieved once they have been decided. This unit focuses on the methods that businesses can use in order to meet their objectives. It breaks these methods down into functional areas: marketing, finance, human resources and operations management (including purchasing and stock control). (25%A2)

The transferable skills underpinning Business Studies include: carrying out calculations, interpreting data, making and presenting arguments, making and justifying business decisions, identifying problems and proposing solutions, recognising that a problem exists, conducting research and challenging assumptions.


Units 1&2 will be examined in June of Year 12, and Units 3&4 in June of Year 13.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Liverpool College directly.

Last updated date: 25 June 2015

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