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Applied Information Technology at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College

Course description

A modern and up-to-date course this focuses on the key IT skills that are required in modern society. Where else are you going to learn more about social media and how to use it to your advantage? This is an Applied course which allows you to develop an understanding of IT and it’s uses as well as having a large practical component. It is ideal for you if you enjoy using a computer and want to develop your skills in this as well as learning more about how computers work.

Practically you will learn about Social Media, Databases and Spreadsheets or Web Design all of which are valuable business tools. You do not need to have studied ICT at Key Stage 4 to be successful on this course. This course is accepted as an entry requirement for courses at over 95% of UK Universities, including Oxford.

This course works well in combination with Business Studies as key concepts such as Business Requirements and Consumer Demographics are fundamental to the coursework units

Course content

There are 4 units split across 2 years. Each year has one externally examined unit and one internally assessed coursework unit.

Year 12 Topics

Using Social Media in Business – in this unit you will learn more about social media, who their key users are and how a business can use them to their advantage. You will move on to developing a social media strategy to promote a business over social media using all of your knowledge to make this as effective as possible. At the end of the unit you will be able to evaluate and reflect on how effective your strategy was at promoting the business. This unit is internally assessed Creating System To Manage Information – this unit is all about databases. You will learn how to develop a database using forms, queries, reports and calculations to meet the needs of an end user. This unit is mostly practical, you will develop your skills and then start to build increasingly more complex databases. This unit is externally assessed.

Year 13

Topics Information Technology Systems - this unit will help you to understand more about IT systems and their place in modern society. You will learn the differences between devices and how to choose the correct device for you. During this unit you will learn about setting up Networks and how to keep them secure. Another key area of study is looking at how developments in IT affect society and the legislation surrounding their use. This is an examined unit. Optional Unit (to be confirmed) – this unit will either be Spreadsheets or Web design. This unit will develop your skills in the chosen area of study and increase your understanding of how this technology works in a business context. You will use your newly developed skills to create a spreadsheet or web site to meet the needs of a business. This is an internally assessed unit.

Further information

The advantages
- The course is a good mix of practical and theory.
- A mix of coursework and examinations.
- A re-sit opportunity for the Y12 examination.
- The real life scenarios used give you valuable experience at seeing how IT is used in the world of work.
- A widely recognised course accepted at the majority of universities.
- IT gives you valuable skills whatever your future goals.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College directly.

Last updated date: 20 March 2017
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