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Spanish A Level at St John's Marlborough

Course description

The course aims to:

  • Develop awareness of the culture and society of Spain and Spanish speaking countries.
  • Provide a range of stimulating and absorbing study topics with contemporary, literary and cultural content.
  • Extend students intellectually and develop general study skills.
  • Provide an ability to communicate readily in Spanish for a variety of purposes.
  • Prepare students to use their Spanish for the purposes of work, further study, training or leisure.
  • Be enjoyable, interesting and relevant to the students' needs.

Course content

Activities are varied and include role play, debate, group and individual presentations, plus more formal work such as text exploitation and translation. There is regular and varied use of ICT.

Resources include textbooks, newspapers, magazines, films, vocabulary books, grammar notebooks, online resources, films and a whole range of online information and worksheets.


Topics include: 

  • Modern and Traditional values (los valores modernos y tradicionales)
  • Cyberspace (el Cyberespacio)
  • Equal Rights (la igualdad de los sexos)
  • Modern day idols (la influencia de los ídolos)
  • Spanish regional identity (la identidad regional en España)
  • Cultural heritage or cultural landscape (el patrimonio cultural)


Topics include:

  • Immigration (la inmigración)
  • Racism (el racismo); integration (la convivencia)
  • Today’s youth, tomorrow’s citizens (Jóvenes de hoy, ciudadanos de mañana)
  • Monarchies, republics and dictatorships (Monarquías repúblicas y dictaduras);
  • Popular movements (movimentos populares)

Students will be expected to do much personal research and in-depth study but their choice of literacy work or film.

Topics from both years 12 and 13 will be examined at the end of year 13.

Entry requirements

  • GCSE B grade.
  • A willingness to work and study independently and learn vocabulary.
  • A willingness to join in discussions and be open to ideas.
  • A keen interest in the Spanish language and world affairs.


Students are examined at the end of year 13. Over the two years, students must study either one text and one film or two texts from a prescribed list.

Paper 1: Listening and reading questions plus translation into English and prose translation English into Spanish (100 words each) 2hr 30 - 160 marks/40% of A level

Paper 2: Writing – 2hrs - 90 marks/30% of A level

Students write two essays either on one set text and one film or about two different literary works.

Paper 3: Speaking 21-23 mins + 5 mins prep time – 60 marks/30% of A level

Discussion of one sub theme (5-6 mins; 25 marks) prompted by stimulus card.

Presentation (2 mins; 10 marks) followed by discussion (9-10 mins; 25 marks) of research project.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St John's Marlborough directly.

Last updated date: 04 November 2016

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