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Drama and Theatre Studies A Level at Gateacre School

Course description

The Value: Career Wise!!

This is an academic A Level and therefore it has currency for many degrees.

It is seen to be of value as it develops team work, communication and presentation skills and indicates a student with a high level of creativity.

The qualification also provides any future employer or Higher Education Institution with evidence of the ability to handle an academic course. The practical element of the course makes it a very suitable choice for anyone considering a career involving communication skills or public relations, as well as the arts or the media. There is plenty of scope for students interested in art, design, media or music to develop their skills through projects which may include work on costume, set, mask, sound, lighting, etc.

Advanced Level Drama and Theatre Studies is accepted by almost all Institutes of Higher Education.

Course content

AS Course Content

  • Unit 1: DRAM1 - Live theatre production seen and Prescribed play

This unit is divided into two sections. Each section is taken as a separate paper with a time allowance of 45 minutes.

Section A requires candidate’s personal response to various aspects of live theatre seen during the course. Candidates must answer one question on a live production seen from a choice of four questions.

Section B requires candidates to answer one question on a set play from a choice of two questions on each of the set plays. Questions are focused on the interpretation of the play from a performance perspective. Candidates are required to answer from the viewpoint of an actor, director or designer.

  • Unit 2: DRAM2 - Presentation of an extract from a play

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated by a visiting moderator.

Candidates are required to work in groups to present for an audience an extract from a scripted play of their choice.

The group size is to be between 2 & 8 which will consist of Acting candidates plus optionally up to 5 candidates offering a design skill. (Costume design, mask design, set design or technical design, lighting or sound) and the possibility of one directing candidate.

A2 Course Content
  • Unit 3: DRAM3. - Further prescribed plays including pre-twentieth century

Candidates are required to answer two questions, one on each of two different set plays. One play is to be chosen from Section A. Pre-twentieth century plays and one play is to be choose from section B. The twentieth century or contemporary drama.

  • Unit 4: DRAM4 - Presentation of devised drama

This unit is externally assessed and externally moderated by visiting moderator.

Candidates are required to work in groups to present for an audience a devised drama, performed in a theatrical style of their choice.

Further Information:

  • It is recommended that candidates who wish to pursue this A Level have a grade C or above in GCSE Drama.
  • You will be welcomed into a vibrant and busy department with state of the art facilities. We will also use our industry links to organise supportive practical workshops run by a range of practitioners and companies. In the past we have worked with the RSC, Ullalloom, Timesis, Hull truck Theatre, The World Centre, Fuse, Trestle .. to name a few.
  • We do expect, however, that you commit time to visiting the theatre with us on a regular basis and attend after school rehearsals when preparing for your practical exams.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please speak to Miss. Rees, Acting Head of Drama

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Gateacre School directly.

Last updated date: 25 June 2015

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