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English and English Literature at King Edward VII

Course description

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To foster enjoyment of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, while developing skills in analysing texts and producing your own writing.

The Course

  • Begins in June of Y9
  • Offers the majority of students two separate GCSE qualifications
  • Assesses the following:
  • Writing skills (accuracy, writing for purpose and audience, vocabulary range, sentence style)
  • Reading skills (analysis of non-fiction and literary texts, such as Shakespeare, poetry from an exam board anthology, prose and drama, both modern and pre-1914)
  • Speaking and listening skills (individual work, drama focused work and group interactions)
How are groups devised?
Groups are set in nearly all cases. There may be changes to groups between Y9 and Y10, depending on teacher recommendations or end of year assessment results but most students setting level will be in line with Y9.

The sets are as follows:
  • Foundation sets - students who may find English difficult and need extra time and more individual attention in smaller teaching groups.
  • Intermediate sets - students who will be more confident in English, but may not perform well in the largest groups working at a fast pace.
  • Higher sets - students who show flair and substantial ability and who can work independently at a fast pace.
Set numbers do not correspond to the ability levels of students. Some years set 1, 2 & 3 may be working as a higher set, whereas another year set 3 & 4 may work as Intermediate sets. All students are set to achieve their highest potential an environment most appropriate to their individual needs.

Entry requirements



Students can achieve grade G-A* on coursework. In final examinations students are entered for either Foundation or Higher Tier. Students in Foundation sets will normally sit the Foundation Tier paper, students in Intermediate sets often have a mixture of Higher and Foundation tier entries, while students in Higher sets will be entered for the Higher Tier Paper. Grades are awarded as follows:

Foundation Tier - G F E D C
Higher Tier - D C B A A*

Only students who are confidently at a C grade will be entered for the Higher tier, since performance on this paper below a D grade will be awarded a U grade.

The final grades are based on the following:

English: 20% speaking and listening
20% written coursework
60% two exam papers

English Literature: 30% written coursework
70% one exam paper

Students will produce coursework primarily in Y10 with some coursework being done in Y11.

Written Coursework:

  • Work on a Shakespeare play
  • Work in a pre-1914 novel or series of short stories
  • Work on a post- 1914 drama text
  • Work analysing a media text
  • Original writing

Speaking and listening coursework:

  • Individual piece e.g. a talk to classmates about a well known topic
  • Drama focused task e.g. a role play
  • Group interaction e.g. a debate in a small group

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What do I need to do to be successful at English?

  • Be prepared to participate
  • Develop my communication skills in speaking, reading and writing
  • Meet interim and final deadlines for coursework and exam practice homework
  • Accept advice from teachers about the areas I need to improve on and then act on this advice

This opportunity is able to be combined with other opportunities within a single application

How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 20 October 2016

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