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History A2 at Grange Technology College

Course description

History at A-Level is a demanding but extremely enjoyable subject. History is about asking questions - if you like discussing issues and giving your opinions then History is for you!

A-Level History at Grange focuses on some of the key events and individuals of the 20th century and gives you an insight into how the world we live in has been shaped by the past.

Course content

You will study 2 units over the year.

Unit 3: Superpower Relations, 1944-1990

  • Students will study the impact of competing ideologies after the Second World War and how the USSR and USA became the worlds great superpowers, creating what was known asthe Cold War. Students will analyse the reasons for the breakdown in the relationship between these two powers - looking at specific events such as The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Students will study two controversies using primary and secondary sources.

Unit 4: Historical Enquiry - Crime, Policing and Punishment in Britain, 1830-1965

  • Students will carry out an enquiry which will address the aspects of a chosen theme over a period of at least 100 years. They will examine the short-term significance of an individual, movement or event, as well as the factors affecting change throughout the whole period. Students must produce two assignments, researching independently around their chosen enquiry.

Entry requirements

Prior, successful completion of the preceding AS level course.  Although it is not essential, History combines well with other AS courses such as English, Government and Politics, Sociology and Modern Foreign Languages.  This course would also suit those individuals who have an interest in current affairs or politics, and like to question how society has developed the way it has.


Unit 3

  • Written Examination
  • Length 2 hours - 60%

Section A will test your ability to reach substantiated judgements.

Section B will test your ability to examine historical sources and combine them with your own knowledge to assess interpretations and issues of controversy.

Unit 4

  • Writtencoursework.
  • 40%

You will be required to produce two extended essays, the sum total of which should be 4,000 words.

The marks from your AS level examinations will be carried forward and constitute 50% of the full History A Level. The other 50% will be made up from the A2 year. The contribution of each unit is therefore as follows:

  • Unit 1 50% AS Full A level 25%
  • Unit 250% Year Full A level 25%
  • Unit 360% A2 Full A level 30%
  • Unit 440% Year Full A level 20%

Future opportunities

History A-Level is a respected academicsubject and can lead to awide range of University courses and careers such as teaching, law and journalism.

Further information

For further information contact Mr Mark Sprakes, Subject Leader.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Grange Technology College directly.

Last updated date: 21 October 2014
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 year