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Geology AS/A2 Level at The Basildon Academies Sixth Form

Course description

Geology is the science that seeks to understand how our planet works,
from its red hot core to the coldest parts of its ice-covered poles.
The study of geology engages students directly in a range of issues.

Providing scope to discuss the concepts of proof, truth and certainty
within the context of scientific models and hypotheses relating to the
Earth’s origin, form, structure and the development of life.

You will learn:

  • How geologists use a range of methods to understand and model the formation and subsequent evolution of the Earth, including its plethora of life.
  • How an understanding of Geology has shaped the world around us by providing the raw materials from which modern economies have been developed.
  • How geologists support developing countries in the provision of resources such as clean water

Course content

AS Units:
Global Tectonics

  • Earth structure
  • Earthquakes
  • Continental drift, Sea floor spreading and plate tectonics
  • Geological structures

Rocks-Processes and Products

  • The rock cycle
  • Igneous processes and products
  • Sedimentary processes and products
  • Metamorphic processes and products

Practical Skills in Geology 1 (Fieldwork Task)

  • OCR provided Centre Based Task Or
  • Centre devised Fieldwork Task

A2 level students take:
Environmental Geology

  • Water supply
  • Energy resources
  • Metallic mineral resources
  • Engineering geology

Evolution of Life, Earth and Climate

  • Formation of fossils
  • Morphology of fossils and adaptations of organisms to live in  different environments Fossil evidence of the evolution of organisms and mass extinctions Dating methods, correlation and interpretation of geological maps
  • Changing climate

Practical Skills in Geology 2 (Evaluative Task)

  • An evaluative task set by the exam board

Entry requirements

General Sixth Form.


AS Unit F791: Global Tectonics
30% of total AS mark
1 Hr written paper, 60marks

AS Unit F792: Rocks- Processes and Products
50% of total AS marks
1 Hr 45 minute written paper, 100 marks

AS Unit F793: Practical Skills in Geology
20% of total AS marks
Coursework, 40 marks

A2 Unit F794: Environmental Geology
15% of total marks
1 Hr written paper, 60 marks

A2 Unit F795: Evolution of Earth, Life and Climate
25% of total marks
1 Hr 45 minute written paper, 100 marks

A2 Unit F796: Practical Skill sin Geology
10% of total marks
Coursework, 40 marks

Future opportunities

Geology combines well with a range of subjects supporting any chosen career
pathway. Graduates of geology have entered into careers such as the oil and
gas industry, archaeology, forensic science, hydrogeology, meteorology,
environment (waste management, pollution, natural hazards), accountancy,
teaching, local government and so many more.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Basildon Academies Sixth Form directly.

Last updated date: 24 April 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years