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History A Level at King Edward VI Community College

Course description

History is a well respected subject which would suit both those students who wish to specialise in history as a career and those who wish to create a ‘well balanced’ academic profile.

Course content

A Level

Component 1: Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy 1603 to 1702 This is a period of massive change and we will chart the shift in Britain from Absolute Monarchy to more democratic systems of government. It covers a Civil War, a few Social Revolutions and more beheadings than you can shake a stick at.

Component 2: America: A Nation Divided 1845 to 1877 We again take up the theme of social change and conflict. This time, we will look at issues surrounding the American Civil War. This is a period which sees the abolition of Slavery in the USA, some massive social and economic changes that affected the lives of all Americans, and raises questions about what are the rights of citizens in a country.

Component 3 is Coursework You pick the focus for your study. You might explore the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire or questions on the significance of Nelson Mandela. The key issue is to research and explore historical issues and debates and express your own opinions. This unit is tested through a 3000-3500 word report

AS Level
AS Level students only study Units 1 and 2 which will be examined on a narrower time frame, looking only at the first half of each period: Unit 1 1603 to 1649 and Unit 2 1845 to 1861.

Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE English or Grade B in GCSE History. It is not necessary to have studied History at GCSE but it is an advantage.


A variety of teaching and learning styles will be employed throughout the course. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire and effectively communicate knowledge and understanding of selected periods of history; develop understanding of historical terms and concepts; explore the significance of events, individuals, issues and societies in history; understand the nature of historical evidence and the methods used by historians in analysis and evaluation; develop their understanding of how the past has been interpreted and represented and develop their interest in and enthusiasm for history.

Future opportunities

By studying history you will develop key skills in researching, analysing and synthesising information from a range of sources and producing substantiated and reasoned conclusions. History A Level is highly regarded by universities. Many prominent lawyers, politicians and professionals in a wide variety of fields have enjoyed an academic historical training which has been beneficial to their careers. This course is ideal for both students who are considering specialising in History at degree level as well as those students who want to show a well-rounded education and well developed skills in debate. For many it becomes a lifelong interest and pastime.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King Edward VI Community College directly.

Last updated date: 08 February 2017

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