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History at Ysgol Llanhari

Course description

This Advanced Subsidiary/ Advanecd GCE History specification allows you
to acquire and effectively communicate knowledge and understanding of
two different periods. The first - a period study on European History
c.1878-1980, will provide an opportunidty to delve into the huge changes
of this period, looking at fascist Italy and the role of Mussolini, the
Communist Revolution in Russia and the role of Lenin and Stalin,
international relations between the two world wars, the Second World
War as well as the changing face of Germany before and after the wars.
The second period provides an in-depth study on one of the most exciting
periods in British History, with huge political changes such as the
formation of a National Government. The government also faced
economic ruin, facing a great depression as well as a changing society
with technological changes that allowed the use of time-saving
appliances within the home and helped the advancement of women
within society and the world of work. The lessons will provide an
opportunity to understand the methods used by historians to analyse and
evaluate, how the past has been interpreted and how judgements are
made. The course also offers a range of opportunities to acquire naturally
occuring evidence for your Key Skills Portfolio since each of the six skills
are an integral part of the course. This course will ceratinly develop your
interest in and enthusiasm for history.

Course content

Advanced Subsidiary
History Unit 1: Period Study - Aspects of the History of Europe, c.1878-
1980. Italy, c.1918-1944 and the Communist Revolution in Russia,
c.1917-1941 [30%]

History Unit 2: In-depth Study - Britain, c.1929-1939; the political
situation, Britain's economic and social situation and the cultural and
technological growth [20%]

Advanced Qualification
History Unit 3: In-depth Study - Britain 1929-1939 - Coursework; Britain
and the Czechoslovakian Crisis, 1938-1939 [20%]

History Unit 4: Period Study - Aspects of the History of Europe, c.1878-
1980; International Relations, c.1918-1945 and Germany, c.1878-1989
In-Depth Study - Britain c.1929-1939; Britain's Foreign Policy [30%]

Entry requirements

See the school offering the course


During the first year (AS) you are expected to sit two examinations
Unit 1 - Aspects of the History of Europe, c.1878-1980. This will be a 1
hour 40 minutes examination. Candidates will be expected to answer two
two-part structured questions [part (a) and part (b)] from a choice of
Unit 2 - In-depth Study - British History. This will be an hour and twenty
minutes examination, where candidates will be expected to answer one
set of questions, graded in difficulty on historical sources.
In the second year (a full Advanced GCE).
Unit 3 - Coursework on the In-depth Study - British History
Unit 4 - In-depth Study/ Period Study. This is a two hour and thirty
minute examination. Candidates are required to answer one open-ended
essay question and one synoptic open-ended essay based on the Period
Study and a further open-ended question based on the In-depth Study.

Future opportunities

Which ever field or pathway you choose to take, History offers a range of
transferable skills that are appreciated by collages, universities and
employers. Previous students have gone on to study a variety of courses,
some specialising in the field of History, but others following degrees in
Medicine, Journalism, Accountancy, Economics, Law to name but a few.
Many have developed careers in the field of television, civil service and
within the police.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ysgol Llanhari directly.

Last updated date: 31 July 2015
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  • Start date: Next September