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Media Studies - AS/A2 Level at Northampton College

Course description

Media Studies is designed to allow students to explore different forms of the media and to analyse and understand how they are set up and operate. You will study a range of media texts and topics as well as the construction and deconstruction of media products, in the context of the key conceptual areas of Media Forms and Conventions, Media Institutions, Media Audiences and Media representations. Syllabus and assessment:The syllabus combines practical and theoretical study and you will have the option to produce a print, video or radio product in each year of the course. At the same time you will learn about the history of the various media, the commercial and industrial structure of production and circulation and the limitations placed on them by governments and society.Module Detail AS/A2 LevelG321 Foundation Portfolio (coursework) - This is the practical element of the course and it involves creating two print artefacts. Your preliminary exercise will be to create the front page of a new college magazine and a mock-up of the contents page. The main task is to produce the front page, contents page and double page spread of a new music magazine. You will work on Mac computers and use digital cameras to create your own magazine and you will also be expected to show your research and planning, and an evaluation of your work through a Powerpoint presentation or a website or blog.G322(TV Drama) Key Media conceptsexamined unit) - This is a two-part paper which looks at textual analysis of the language and conventions of media forms. The first part of the unit covers TV drama and considers elements such as camera shots, angles, editing, sound and mise-en-scene ready to analyse a text in the exam. The second part of the paper is covers Institutions and Audiences. We will undertake a case study from the film industry and consider production, distribution, marketing and exhibition as well as audiences' reception and consumption of the product created by the organisation. You will be researching a major Hollywood blockbuster from recent years and make comparisons to a smaller, independent British film. G324 Advanced Portfolio (coursework) - Again, you will be required to produce a main and ancillary text with a presentation of some kind to demonstrate planning, research and ability to evaluate the work. The practical work is likely to take the form of an extract from a radio play, with a website, advert and a feature about it. The presentation of the research, planning and evaluation will be through a blog which will incorporate a range of different media (prezi's, podcasts and vlogs for example). This centre's specialisation in radio and radio drama especially is a marked strength.G325 Critical Perspectives in Media (written exam) - This is an examined unit that is divided into two sections: Theoretical Evaluation of Production and Contemporary Media Issues. In the first section we will consider skills development over the two years and evaluate production in relation to a theoretical concept. The second section covers six topic areas about contemporary media texts, industries, audiences and debates. You will be able to choose subject areas to study and prepare for the exam.What previous students have said about media studies A level:It's made me see television programmes in a whole new way JodieI never realised there was so much to learn about the subject MattThe teachers make it good fun and I've become really good using the Apple Macs. In fact, I'd really like to go into magazine production as a career since doing this AS EmmaI loved doing the radio drama. It was a really good laugh and the end product sounded brilliant. And I got an A for it! Jess

Course content

This course is for you if:- you have an ambition to work in the media- you are interested in current affairs and the world around us, and regularly reads and watches news programmes and papers- you are willing and able to work in groups and accept the responsibility for what that entails- you are able to work independently to research and plan work- you have an interest in media technology.

Entry requirements

Five GCSEs at C Grade, including English Language B


50% coursework50% external examination (see above for more detail)

Further information

For further information please call us on 0800 123 2344.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Northampton College directly.

Last updated date: 11 October 2016
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