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Media Studies AS/A2 Level at Carmel College

Course description

The Media plays such an important role in our society today and this is reflected in the popularity of Media Studies at Advanced Level. At Carmel we aim to give you more of an idea of the power of the Media in your life and the impact it has on you in social, political and economic contexts. We aim to deliver an interesting, challenging and above all enjoyable course, which will inform, enthuse and illuminate.

Course content

The course investigates the ways in which different media such as newspapers, magazines, documentaries, advertising, film and internet influence the way we see and think about the world we live in.

You are bombarded by different media texts on a daily basis and, without knowing, you are highly skilled in interpreting and decoding the messages they include. It could be said that society and the way we live has, to a certain extent, been determined by the media which operates in our world. In response to this you will study the numerous debates and issues surrounding media production in our society today:

  • Do sex and violence in the mediums of film and television affect us?
  • Does the news really tell us the truth?
  • Who owns and controls our media and how much power do they really have on national and global levels?
  • Can we actually be manipulated into changing our behaviour through the medium of advertising?
  •  The role and importance of New Media Technologies in society today.

It is hoped that through studying the media you will become more informed regarding its power and possible effects it has on society and you as an individual.

Entry requirements

You will need GCSE grade B in English Language or grade B in Media Studies (if studied) and an interest in using IT.


Exam Board - AQA

The AS and A2 assessment involves 50% coursework and 50% examination. All modules will be examined in June.

Future opportunities

Because Media Studies develops so many skills, you are attractive to employers in a wide range of people-orientated careers. A Media Studies qualification will enable you to study Media Studies in Higher Education at degree level or contribute towards the points needed for entry to a range of other degrees in other subjects.

Students who have gained Media at Advanced Level have gone onto careers/courses in IT, Digital Media, Media Production, Journalism, Public Relations, Business and Management to name a few!

Further information

What support will I receive?

 Every student will have access to extra tutorials run by the experienced staff; these may be to enhance existing knowledge or just to give extra support to you if you have been absent or if you are finding a topic difficult to access. In the build up to examinations, regular revision sessions are offered to you to ensure you are fully prepared. All students have access to the dedicated computer suite when it is not being used for classes. Tutors are approachable and friendly, lessons are dynamic and engaging and the department regularly receives positive feedback reports from students and inspectors.

All students are encouraged to develop their skills of independent learning.

What other activities can I get involved in?

The department arranges a number of visits to local cinemas. A number of Film students have taken part in BFI Academy events where they have gained invaluable experience with industry professionals. Affordable trips are offered each year, and our regular visiting speakers include an examiner from the BBFC in London and a Screenwriting lecturer. Students have visited the University of Central Lancashire and have been to Media City in Salford. Links with local universities are now established and further collaborative ventures will be taking place each year. Enrichment activities such as World Cinema have proved very popular and students also often use the department equipment and facilities to produce their own portfolio of work.

How successful are Carmel’s Film & Media students?

Film and Media Studies are very popular and successful courses with consistently very good results. As many as 45% of our students each year leave to enter careers or further study in media or related areas. Past students have become journalists, camera operators for Sky, PR consultants/advertising executives, digital media managers and have entered a host of other such media related careers.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Carmel College directly.

Last updated date: 05 September 2016

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