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ICT (BTEC Level 3 Diploma) at Morecambe Community High School

Course description

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Information Technology is a practical, work-related course. You learn by completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands.

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in IT is an alternative to the more theoretical approach of the Applied GCE in ICT. This course is relevant for those students who prefer the more practical side of ICT and want to improve/enhance their skills in using ICT applications.

The skills gained will help in the presentation of other subjects and are also useful in the workplace where the vast majority of jobs require at least some basic use of ICT. It is 100% coursework, internally assessed by the teaching staff and externally verified by a moderator.

Students are credited for each unit completed and are awarded with a certificate stating the level gained for each (Pass, Merit, Distinction), and if all units are completed are awarded with an overall A Level equivalent qualification at Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Course content

Unit 1 –Communication and Employability Skills for IT

Students develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of communication in a business context, and learn how to use ICT in effective business communications. Document and computer security in the workplace, the role and contribution of communication technology to business, and the application of a presentation style to document creation are just three of the skills covered here.

Unit 2 – Computer Systems
In this unit students will consider a range of hardware and come to understand the technical specifications of components. There are a number of different operating systems, despite the dominance of the Microsoft operating system, and students will explore at least one other. In terms of software, the operating system itself
often provides utility programmes that assist the user in managing the machine. Other third party software utility programmes such as virus checkers are also used extensively. This unit considers both types of utility software.

Unit 28 – Website Production
The need for good web designers and developers continues to grow as more and more companies realise they must develop a web presence and keep it maintained and updated. This unit starts by exploring web architecture and the factors that influence website performance. Students investigate the web development process from identification of need, design, build, and test through to review.

Unit 30 – Digital Graphics

In this unit, students will be expected to identify the technical requirements for the creation, storage and manipulation of complex artwork. They will be required to produce original images using drawing packages and also to create and edit electronically captured images. Students will identify suitable images to enhance documents and use available tools and techniques to ensure that the finished document meets the user’s needs.


Unit 36 – Computer game platform and technologies

The games industry is constantly evolving, both creatively and technologically, and it is important that we keep up to date with the latest developments. This unit encourages not only the study of hardware and software technologies, but also the combination of these components into playable systems for use by single players and interactively among teams.

Unit 39 – Web Animation for Interactive Media

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ practical skills in the creation of interactive animations designed for web delivery. Learners will investigate web animations and explore digital animation methods. They will devise, plan and create an animation using vector-based animation software techniques to produce animated, interactive web content.


All units are centre-assessed and externally moderated by Edexcel. There are no timetabled exams for this qualification; candidates may complete units at a time that suits the centre. The full award and units from this qualification are graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Morecambe Community High School directly.

Last updated date: 26 June 2015

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