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A Level Physics at The Elmgreen School

Course description

Is this course for me?
Perhaps the majority of those who study A-level Physics do so in order to apply their physics knowledge in another subject area at university. Examples of this are the many branches of engineering, electronics and meteorology. For these careers, A-level Physics is essential. Another group of students choose to study physics because they feel that it will be useful even if not essential for their career. Those intending to follow a career in medicine or biochemistry fall into this category

What will I learn?
Physics is a challenging and interesting subject which will help you to understand the world and universe around you! A-level Physics is also an important qualification for many careers. Some students go on to study physics at university. This may lead to a career in research and development, either in a university or in industry. High temperature semiconductors, a better understanding of sub atomic particles and more efficient ways of storing energy for cars are just three areas of research being pursued at the moment.

Course content

Core content
1 Measurements and their errors
2 Particles and radiation
3 Waves
4 Mechanics and materials
5 Electricity
6 Further mechanics and thermal physics
7 Fields and their consequences
8 Nuclear physics
9 Astrophysics
10 Medical physics
11 Engineering physics
12 Turning points in physics
13 Electronics

Entry requirements

A minimum of 2 B grades in Core and Additional Science, or a minimum of 2 B grades in separate Sciences (one of which must be Physics). A minimum of a B grade in Maths.


AS Physics: Paper 1 and paper 2 will be one and a half hour exams and can include questions on topics 1-5.
A2 Physics: This will include three written papers each lasting two hours. These papers will cover topics 1-8. Paper 3 will assess the students’ knowledge of one of the option topics 9-13.

Future opportunities

From accounting, banking, computing, designing and engineering, to pharmacology or even zookeeper- the range of possible careers is much wider than you might think! Students can go on to study degrees as diverse as Specialist Physics, Theoretical physics, Mathematics, Ophthalmology and Medicine. Physics is highly regarded in financial, commercial and industrial fields.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Elmgreen School directly.

Last updated date: 05 June 2015
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