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Business Studies Cambridge Technical at The Emmbrook School

Course description

This CTECH qualification is a one year course which is equivalent to an AS qualification (OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate (30 Credits)). Students have the opportunity to progress to a second year and gain an OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma (60 Credits). The Cambridge Technical qualification offers the opportunity for students to develop skills that employers demand in the UK workforce. It is therefore, an ideal foundation for students entering the workplace, providing them with a theoretical background reinforced with practical skills that transfer into the workplace. The course is split into 6 units (60 credits). 3 units are taken in Year 12(certificate) and 3 in Year 13 (Introductory diploma). Students will learn the core principles of business, such as managing resources, marketing, teamwork, recruitment, and communication. For each topic students will be assessed through coursework, building up a portfolio of work as evidence of your abilities.

Course content

Unit 1: The Business Environment This compulsory unit will help students to have an understanding of the range of different businesses that can exist in an economy. Students will discover the different purposes that such organisations can have and the different forms of ownership that can exist and the influence of stakeholders. Students will have an understanding of the different ways in which businesses are organised to achieve their purposes and they will also be able to appreciate that businesses can have a variety of different aims. This unit will also help students to have an understanding of the way in which the wider environment can impact on businesses in terms of both the economic environment and the political, legal and social framework in which businesses operate.

Unit 2: Business Resources The compulsory unit looks at how a range of resources including human, physical, technological and financial resources are used and managed within business. Students will gain an understanding of how human resources are managed and of the employability and personal skills required of personnel in an organisation. Students will gain an understanding of the purpose of managing resources effectively, not only in relation to human resources but also in terms of physical and technological resources. Students will also gain an understanding of how an organisation can gain access to sources of finance, both internally and externally and be able to interpret financial statements.

Unit 15: Developing Teams in Business This unit will help students to understand why teams are important to business and highlight some of the problems that may arise when working in teams. In this unit, students will experience team working as part of a team and as a leader in a given situation. This will help them to prepare for business in whatever sector they choose and to understand the skills and attributes needed both for cohesive teams and effective leaders. It will help them build confidence in their own ability as a team member and, as a leader, recognise the weakness and strengths of others and how team members can be supported. Skills that will be developed You will develop a wide ranging and detailed understanding of business operations. You will also develop independent study and research skills.

Future opportunities

Career Pathways • Accountancy and book keeping • Administration • Banking and finance • Customer service • Management • Retailing • Sales and marketing.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Emmbrook School directly.

Last updated date: 01 September 2016

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