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Chemistry A level at Oldfield School

Course description

What will I study?

The A level course is comprised of eight units (four at AS level and four at A2 level):

Atoms, Ions & compounds

 This AS level unit includes the structure of the atom, the importance of atomic masses, formulae and equations and chemical bonding and structure.

Periodic table and energy

This AS unit covers ideas on equilibria, reactivity and enthalpy.

Basic concepts of organic chemistry

This AS unit focuses on organic chemistry, alkanes, alkenes and alcohols.

Rings, Polymers and Analysis (15%)

This AS unit explores the organic chemistry behind making dyes and pharmaceuticals starting with benzene. Making polymers and analysing molecules using techniques new to A level students completes this unit.

Development of practical skills

Throughout the two years selected practical tasks are assessed internally, which are linked to topics taught. These cover planning, implementing, analysis and evaluation. There are 12 key practicals which will be covered over the 2 years.

Entry requirements

You will need an A grade B in Mathematics and a grade B in GCSE Chemistry or Additional Science.


Examination Board - OCR

You will be assessed by written examinations covering all topics including the skills from the practical endorsements.

Future opportunities

Chemistry is a passport to a host of careers including the most obvious Medicine, Veterinary Science, Teaching, Engineering, Physiotherapy and Psychology. Recognised as a sign of high academic achievement, it is accepted as a valuable qualification for all science-based courses at university and is essential in some cases.

Further information

Am I suited to this course?

You would be well-suited to studying Chemistry at A level if you:

  • enjoyed studying GCSE Science and are motivated to take your understanding much further
  • enjoy a challenge and are willing to persevere
  • can apply your knowledge to unfamiliar situations
  • enjoy the practical element to Science
  • are competent and confident at Mathematics

What other subjects does it complement?

Chemistry is an excellent course to take with Biology, Physics, Mathematics and/or Geography. If you are considering Biological Sciences, Medicine or Veterinary Science at university, Chemistry is usually a requirement.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Oldfield School directly.

Last updated date: 09 September 2016
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