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A Level Philosophy at The Thetford Academy

Course description

GENERAL AIMS: Philosophy will give you a black-belt in

thinking. You will be trained to think like a philosopher,

to challenge everything and to take nothing for granted.

COURSE OUTLINE: You may study Philosophy as

an AS over one year, or as a full A Level over two

years. At the end of one year you can decide

to continue to A2 or to cash in the AS.

NATURE OF STUDY: You will tackle some massive questions

that other subjects take for granted: At AS you will

consider whether you sense data (what you see, touch,

etc) can ever be trusted or should we only trust what

we can know for certain. You will think about the idea of

personhood and what a person is - could a computer

ever be considered a person? What about a dog, a baby

or a crow, are any of these persons? A major philosophical

concern is free-will and determinism. Are we free to make

choices or are the choices we appear to make governed

by past events? If we are not free do concepts like praise

and blame make any sense? Finally, how can we make

sense of the world outside our heads? Is there a world

outside our heads or are our ideas the only reality?

At A2 you will study Philosophy of Mind and try to

analyse how the grey and rather unattractive mush of

brain gives rise to the beauty of consciousness. You

will think about exactly what mind is and whether

we can believe that other people have minds. In

Epistemology and Metaphysics you will build on the

work from AS and think about what knowledge is, how

we can describe it and whether these descriptions

truly capture the essence of knowledge. To round off

your studies we will be looking at a The Meditations by

Rene Descartes, one of the most influential books of

the past 500 years and the inspiration for The Matrix.

Entry requirements

Sixth Form Entry

Year 12

A Levels

5 A*-C at GCSE, including a C in English + Mathematics,

with a B grade in the chosen subject areas for A Level.

BTEC Level 3

4 A*-C, preferably including a C in English + Mathematics.

BTEC Level 2

2 D grades.

Year 13

Each student’s work is reviewed at the end of

Year 12 and progress into Year 13 is dependent on

satisfactory performance in the examinations.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Thetford Academy directly.

Last updated date: 18 July 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years