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Physics A level at Bishop Heber High School

Course description

Physics is a very demanding but highly rewarding A-level. The prospective candidate will be determined and dedicated, perseveres through challenges, does background reading and works with peers and teachers to solve taxing situations. Being stimulated by the complexities of the world: nanoscopic to macroscopic and wanting to further develop their science analytical skills in experimentation is desirable. Though it is not essential, it is very desirable for perspective students to study A-level Mathematics in parallel with the course as a confidence in dealing with mathematical techniques such as rearranging equations, thorough analysis of graphs, using logarithms, etc. will be needed. It is an essential A-level to have in following engineering type degree courses, whilst also it is respected qualification in areas such as medicine, dentistry, law and management.

Course content

For students who choose to study AS and A-level, the course includes:

       1. Measurement and their errors

       2. Particles and radiation

       3. Waves

       4. Mechanics and materials

       5. Electricity


For students who continue to study at A-level, the course includes:


       6. Further mechanics and thermal physics

       7. Fields and their consequences

       8. Nuclear physics 


    One of the following options:

        9. Astrophysics

       10. Medical Physics

       11. Engineering physics

       12. Turning points in physics

       13. Electronics




Entry requirements

For students wanting to take A/AS level Physics a minimum Grade B at GCSE in Mathematics and Additional Science (Higher Tier) or Separate Science Physics. 


Paper 1: 34% of A-level

Sections 1 – 5 and 6.1 (Periodic motion)

Written exam 2hrs 85 marks: 60 marks of short and long answer questions and 25 marks of multiple choice.

Paper 2: 34% of A-level

Sections 6.2 (Thermal Physics), 7 and 8
Assumed knowledge from sections 1 to 6.1
Written exam 2hrs 85 marks: 60 marks of short and long answer questions and 25 marks of multiple choice. 
Paper 3: 32% of A-level
Section A: Practical skills and data analysis
Section B: One of the options 9, 10,11, 12 or 13
Written exam 2hrs 80 marks: 45 marks of short and long answer questions in section A and 35 of short and long answer questions in section B.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bishop Heber High School directly.

Last updated date: 05 September 2016

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