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English Language A Level at Skipton Girls' High School

Course description

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You need to be able to analyse in depth and get to grips with a vast amount of linguistic terminology very quickly. You will also need to be proficient in written communication, expressing yourself in a logical, accurate and often creative manner.

Course content

AS Qualification Structure: Unit 1: Language and the Individual

This is an examination unit, whereby students must analyse two texts linked by a language topic or theme. Students must write one essay analysing one text, another essay analysing another text and a final essay comparing two texts.

Unit 2: Language Varieties

This is an examination unit, separated into two sections. In Section A, students must write a discursive piece on language diversity, with a choice of two questions. In Section B, students must produce a more creative written piece from a given brief about attitudes to language. This requires students to write about linguistic concepts to a non-specialist audience.

A Level Qualification Structure: Unit 1: Language, the Individual and Society

This is an examination unit, whereby students should build upon the skills acquired at AS level. As with AS level, students must write three essays, based upon close analysis and comparison of two texts, but here, the texts are from different time periods. The second half of this examination asks students to write a discursive piece on children’s language development.

Unit 2: Language Diversity and Change

This is an examination unit, whereby students must write one essay on the topic of language change or diversity. Students must also write an analysis based upon two texts, discussing how their language use reflects ideas, attitudes and opinions present within the society in which they were produced. Students then produce a more creative written piece on a given brief, discussing similar linguistic concepts for a non-specialist audience.

Unit 3: Language in Action

This is a coursework unit, whereby students display both their analytical and creative writing skills. Students must produce a language investigation independently on a linguistic concept they are interested in. Students collect their own data, devise hypotheses and analyse to prove or disprove them. Students must also produce a creative piece, writing with a chosen genre for a specific audience and purpose. Students then write an analytical commentary, where they explain their linguistic choices and methods.

Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE English Language.

Future opportunities

English Language can lead to a range of careers that require communication and creativity. Popular choices include journalism, publishing, teaching/lecturing, media and television careers, researching, writing, advertising and speech therapy, to name but a few.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Skipton Girls' High School directly.

Last updated date: 03 July 2015

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