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Mathematics - Further Mathematics - A-Level at Exeter Mathematics School

Course description

Everyone will study and take A-level examinations in Further Mathematics. In addition, students will be prepared for STEP papers: required for entrance into many top universities.

Mathematics will be studied to a greater depth than required for A-level. Students will explore links between different topics, will understand the historical significance of techniques and discoveries, and will undertake investigations and projects of their own.

They will use mathematics to solve problems of increasing complexity. Students will be encouraged to think like a mathematician: creatively, rigorously and logically. They will develop clear communication and fluency of techniques.

In addition to the core classes, students will collaborate with those in other mathematics schools and meet, converse and work with staff and students from Exeter University’s mathematics department. They will have access to mathematical mentors from the University who will provide 1:1 and small group support for individual development and project work. These activities will be designed to broaden mathematical experience and provide an introduction to the ethos of university life.

Exposure to University research groups will provide context and realism for students. EMS students’ engagement with university groups will demonstrate to them the depth and relevance of continued study in mathematics.

Entry requirements

A* in GCSE Mathematics

A or A* in double sciences or single science physics

6 GCSEs at C grade or above, to include English Language at a grade B

Selection is also based on the following:

A written application

The application form will provide contact details for both the applicant and their school. It also has space for a personal statement in which the applicant can explain why they wish to attend EMS.

A satisfactory tutor reference

The EMS curriculum will be demanding. The tutor reference will indicate if applicants have the ability and attitude necessary to cope with the course.

A mathematics based entry test

Although an A* in mathematics is an excellent achievement, it does not necessarily indicate a need for, or the ability to thrive within, EMS. The entry test is designed to assess an applicant’s potential and their problem-solving. It will not contain curriculum content beyond that of National Curriculum Level 8.   Students who meet the first application deadline, in December, will be invited to attend a workshop to help prepare them for the entrance test.  Applicants may also benefit from working through the sample questions below.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Exeter Mathematics School directly.

Last updated date: 24 March 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 years